Where We Are *A Niall Horan Love Story*(sequel to Riding A Rollercoaster)

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  • Published: 29 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 7 Feb 2015
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They promised to love each other, no matter what came their way. Their love was like riding a rollercoaster, there were ups and downs. So much has happened and they can't help wonder 'Where We Are'. Will Niall and Jamie ever be together again? Will the band stay together? Or will Niall have to sacrifice one for the other?


28. I Would

*Niall's P.O.V*

"I wouldn't go into the toilet for a while. It's pure stinkin."

"Open a bloody window then," 

"How's she doing?"

I breathed out deeply. "She hasn't gone out of the flat in months. She's been having nightmares and anxiety attacks. Her therapist said that all of this is because of all the trauma she suffered.  He said that it'll take some time. She's on some medication to help her but...she's just not been herself lately."

"She's a tough nut to crack, that one. Jamie will be fine, mate." 

I felt exhausted, both physically and mentally. It was hard to concentrate on work when I was so worried about Jamie all the time. Slumped in the chair, I rubbed my face. 

"You should get some rest. Jamie's asleep anyway, she'll be fine. I'll stay outside and watch some telly. You mind if Perrie comes over?"

I nodded, too tired to reply verbally. My elbows were on my knees, my head hanging low. "I wanted so badly for her to remember. I thought that if she did, everything would go back to normal. But now that she has, she's terrified of her own shadow. It's all my -"

"None of this is your fault." Zayn cleared his throat and shifted in his seat. "Sometimes you need to know when it's time to let go."

*Jamie's P.O.V*

Niall looked extremely exhausted. His eyes weren't the same as I remembered them to be. 

"Niall? You okay?"

He didn't answer me. His mouth turned into a grimace, like...like he was disgusted by me.

"What's wrong, Ni?" I reached for him, to bring him into a warm embrace, to hear his laughter. Make all his pain go away. 

"You." His voice was deep and unfamiliar. "It's all because of you." He looked infuriated, seething with anger.

I swallowed, trying to stop the tears that threatened to fall. "I'm sorry," I apologised sincerely, my voice weak and shaky. "I love you, Niall."

He spat, a low guttural groan escaping his lips. "How could I love someone like you? You're damaged beyond repair. A human punching bag. Worthless. How could anyone love you,Jamie? Your life is screwed up and whoever's life you infect gets screwed up too. All you do is cause pain to the ones around you. "

My body shook with uncontrollable sobs. "Why-why are you saying this?" I pleaded. His words were like knives to my heart. "I didn't mean to-"

"It's doesn't matter!" he yelled. He yelled again in frustration. "I can't do this anymore. We're done."

"No, please. Please, don't leave me, Niall," I begged, running after him. "Please don't abandon me," I tugged at his wrist, pulling him to look at me. I wanted to touch his face but he snatched my wrist before I could. He held both my wrists tightly. "Niall, you're hurting me," I whimpered. 

He sniggered and released my wrists. "You don't get it do you?" He laughed, mocking me. "I don't WANT you, Jamie. You mean nothing to me. You never did. I just liked f***ing you."

I took a step back, each word was like a hard blow that knocked the air out of my lungs. 

He took a step forward. "In fact, you're better off dead." He pulled out something from behind him.

Then he stabbed me in my chest. 

*Niall's P.O.V*

We heard frantic screaming from inside the room. I rushed inside and held Jamie, who was sweating profusely and shaking. She clung to me desperately. Zayn observed from the corner of the room. When he finally had enough, he went out of the room. 

I hummed her a soothing tune - the one that'd make her calm down whenever she had nightmares. 

She eventually did. 

I pulled up the covers to her chin and kissed her forehead. 

I would take all the pain away if I could. I have, and always will love you, Jamie. 

Maybe she needed someone to be here for her when I couldn't. I searched through my contact list on my phone and pressed the call button.

"James? Yeah, sorry to bother you mate but are you free tomorrow afternoon?"




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