The Switcherflick's Mask

In a forest of dying nature, a meeting is conducted during a storm, to see who is deemed fair enough to watch over the most powerful object in the world of Eloisis. A powerful Queen, a sly king, an old sorcerer, a wise Decider and a masked Warrior, all who attend this meeting are only parts of the war that is about to rage. They all share an unanswered question and the only one with the answer to was the object itself. But who it chooses depends on the person themselves. If they were expecting the one to be chosen must be kind, then they shall all be dead wrong. For the one who has been chosen, is none other than a mystery killer with a heart as solid as stone, eyes as evil as they get, powerful as they come and….
“A mind that can easily turn on them as quick as the flick of a switch”


1. Prologue

It was a dark night that day. The sky an unholy pitch of black, seeming to demand authority over the lands it shadowed. Swarms of graying clouds, heavy with fill came in from the southern lands, poisoning the ground as it unleashed its acidic liquids.

The gliding footsteps of an old sorcerer could be heard, echoing through the Harpins forest of dying flora. His cloak mangily and impaired from the long day’s journey he had walked. The graying hairs of his beard uneven, extending to his waist as it flew back from the harsh wind. Wrinkles adorned his face and his teeth clenched as he cradled a black box with string tied around it to keep its contents secure inside.

He ran as fast as he could towards a little cottage with a sign saying “Beware the Humpleback!” he ignored the warning and trekked down the stone path before knocking on the wooden door, shouting a hello while he was at it.

A woman cloaked with a beautiful red dress opened the door snatching his arm and yanking him out of the pelting acid rain. “You’re late!” she screeched, while slamming the door with such force that the whole cottage shook with disturbance. To the sorcerer she sounded like a mother scolding a child even towards him who was much older than she could ever live to. The woman stood short, about 2 heads shorter than the old man who went by the name of Nazrond the old sorcerer. The woman was no ordinary girl though; she was the queen of Narris Hold, a powerful kingdom filled with peace, for the moment at least.

 “I apologize lady Seloue, my feet haven’t been keeping up with me lately” Nazrond bowed. The queen rolled her eyes and snapped “well tell your lazy feet to hurry up or I’ll get one of the Nartsies to eat em’!” he didn't reply though just kept walking alongside the queen as they made for the cellar.

Going down the rickety stairs, they entered a dark room with the only source of light being a jar of blue glow worms that hung from the ceiling by an attached string. It hovered over a table covered by a table cloth enchanted to look like the night sky. Surrounding the table stood three figures.

One known as King Blaive of Dewbury Castle, a tall man with silver plated amour covering his chain-mail was leaning over the table as his hands supported his weight. A crown perched atop of his curly brown hair and beads of sweat trickling down his head from the pressure he felt. Another man hidden behind a cloak and scarf leant against the nearby walls allowing the darkness to consume most of his body, giving him a mysterious look. This man went by the name Agrar. None really knew him all too well but none the less insisted that he come to this gathering. And lastly a woman with pure white hair and a sparkling blue dress hugged a brown blanket to her body, gathering much needed warmth. This was Aria, a wise decider.

“You’re finally here, good now let’s begin” Aria addressed them. Nazrond complied, stepping forward and gently placing the black box in the center of the table. They remained silent until two words appeared in sparkling blue letters above the box. It formed a name that the five would never forget.

“Jinx Fizfingers”

“Jinx…? But he’s a murderer! Why would he of all people be chosen to guard the most powerful thing in our world?!” Seloue  shouted, outraged at the choice. “No actually I think it’s a good choice, no one with the right mind would be stupid enough to get anywhere near him!” Blaive pointed out. “That’s true but how will we find him and who’s to say he won’t use it against us? He probably won’t even accept the job” Agrar spoke. Nazrond chuckled. “Agrar my boy, it is there that you are wrong. He may be a murderer but that does not mean that he will not accept a job and besides he’s technically not a murderer” “well then what is he…?” King Blaive asked. Aria cut Nazrond off before he could speak. “A Switcherflick… A creature with the control over all animals, a being with eyes that see through lies and an attitude that could change as quick as the flick of a switch… how perfect, I expected no less from the master object” The others let her words sink in before nodding in agreement. Aria glided forward and placed her hand on the box, a red glow appearing from her hand and just as soon as it appeared it disappeared taking the box with it.

“The box shall be placed in a cave that only he shall enter. Once he finds it, we search for him and bring him to where the start of his journey will begin. Once there he shall travel through the locust woods, around the mammoths hollow, over the titanic and isolated mountains and finally under the crystal mines until he reaches his final destination…. Dragon’s peak” she finished. The five were quiet as they watched the glow worms slowly die from lack of oxygen leaving the in the depths of darkness. 

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