The life of Larry Stylinson

The life of Larry Stylinson
Harry and I are secretly together, this is a story about our life,


3. Meetings

Louis POV:


we were trying to get trough the crowd of screaming girls. I mean, we love our fans but sometimes you just want to do something without being bothered by fans and stuff. Modest sent me and Harry a message for a meeting with management. 

When we got there there we had to go to the office, honestly, i was frightened. Harry and I wanted to go public since the beginning of our relationship. Modest said I had to be 'straight' in public, so they hired me a girlfriend; Eleanor Calder. 

Eleanor is a very sweet girl, her personality is great. If i was straight i would have a crush on her, but guess what, I'M NOT. 

When I got to the office i sat down, I was alone.

About ten minutes later the meeting began, without Harry. When we were almost done Harry ran in the office. He was out of breath and looked scared, like really scared. The first thing I did was: I stood up and kissed him. It was unexpected but it felt great, as usual.

Harry and I looked at each other and nodded. We want to go public. 


Harry's POV:

I was driving trough the streets of London on my way to a meeting with Louis and Modest. It was a quite long drive. On my way to the office I took a short break to get a doughnut and a coffee.

I heard a scream behind me. I turned around and saw a teenage girl, about 14 years old. She asked for a picture, so I took one with her and said I had to go. She nodded understanding.

I was about to get in my car when a group of 30 girls came up running to me. some of them were pulling at me, some of them took pictures, and 6 girls were calling their friends to tell them to come around here, because 'Harry Styles' is here.

Oh god, I had to leave quick. I locked my car and ran away. I called Paul to pick me up and bring me to the office. Fuck, I had to be there at 1 pm, it is like 2.30 pm. I ran up the stairs to the office. I barged into the room, out of breath.

Louis stood up and kissed me. Like very intense. After our kiss i grabbed his hand and looked him in the eye. We both nodded our head. We are going public soon. No one is going to change that.


Sorry for the crappy chapter. but still, Fan me or not.

Ciao bitches Nikki ;)

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