Tears, Roses, and Desparation

FINISHED: Harry and Hermoine are devastated. Those closest to them have died after Voldemort's attack on Hogwarts. But hopes of moving on bring them closer together.


2. How Are You Feeling?

Harry's POV


"Hey," Hermione came out of her bedroom and sat at the dining room table

"Hey, how are you feeling?" I asked; it had been a month since Ron and Ginny were killed, I could admit it now

"I am doing okay," She sighed taking a drink of her black coffee, she said she could no longer handle sweetness

"Liar," I chuckled at her and poked her cheek

"Well, then, how are you?" Hermione asked

"Iffy," I winced

"Exactly, you should not need to ask." She snipped

"Thanks, 'Mione.  I needed that." I said sarcastic

"Your welcome, you know I cannot stand sweetness anymore, let alone cheekiness."  Hermione snarled

"I am sorry 'Mione." I stood up and went to my car

She seemed to get a little more upset that I had apologized and walked away, but she needed some space whether she knew or not.  I got in my car and drove to the library.  I could escape into the books.

I walked up to the entrance of the library and smiled at the two lions sitting on opposite sides of the doors.  I had become familiar with most of this library seeing as I visited it as soon as I noticed I started to feel depressed.  I walked in and waved at the librarian at the desk. She smiled at me. I smiled back.

"Hello again, Harry.  How are you doing?" She asked

"I am doing okay, Ms. Baker," I sighed, "I could be doing better though."

"Off to the fiction section again, or is it nonfiction to get your mind off of things." Ms. Baker conversed with me politely, "And call me Hattie,"

"Of course, Hattie." I winced at her slight forwardness, "It will be fiction, let me know when it is time to close, if I am still here."
"You most likely will be, you have not left before closing unless I or another librarian told you we were going to close." Ms. Baker chuckled and I nodded walking away

I headed towards the first shelf and looked for a book that sounded decent enough to want to read it.  I started with the A's then the B's and continued until I could find a decent book.


Hermione's POV


I knew I should not have done that to Harry, I knew where he was going as soon as he left.  I should go and apologize, but I could not do that, right now, I needed to cry.  I stood up and went to my room.

I sat down on the bed and took out the picture of Ron that I had kept.  I traced my finger around his figure in the picture.  I smiled remembering that day.  He had been so happy.  He smiled and waved at me.  We had gotten his picture taken with a wizarding camera.

I frowned and began to cry, haunted by the image of his dead body.  He lay there, still as a statue and his beauty likened him even more to one. I hid my face in my pillow and screamed.

Soon after the attack on Hogwarts, Harry and I moved into a house in the wilderness so that we would be left alone to grieve.  Harry had heard me wailing over Ron and knew that neighbors would freak out.  They would more than likely call the police if they heard me scream.  Still, I only screamed into my pillow.

I finished crying and poured myself another cup of coffee.  I stood up and got into my car.  I sat there staring at the steering wheel.  I took a deep breath.


Soon I pulled up in front of the library.  I took another deep breath.  I opened the door and got out.  I walked into the library and went up to the librarian at the front desk.

"Have you seen a man, about eighteen?  He has black hair and glasses." I asked

"You mean Harry?" She asked

"Yes," I answered

"He is in the fiction section, drowning out reality." She smiled sympathetically

"Thank you," I smiled back weakly

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