Tears, Roses, and Desparation

FINISHED: Harry and Hermoine are devastated. Those closest to them have died after Voldemort's attack on Hogwarts. But hopes of moving on bring them closer together.


12. Here Comes The Bride

Harry's POV


I hurried after George, Neville, and Seamus outside of the room we had been in to be greeted by Dean Thomas.  I smiled at him and we all walked into the room where the wedding would be taking place.  We waited for all of the guests to arrive including a Ministry official who would supervise and declare whether or not our marriage was valid.

Soon Arthur came up to George to say that everyone had arrived and George reminded him that he was escorting Hermione down the aisle.  Arthur nodded and rushed off.  Hermione had cut all ties to her parents soon after Ron's death claiming that they wouldn't understand.  So Arthur had asked if he could take the place of her father, in the wedding.  She had accepted gratefully.

I saw Luna enter and everyone sat down.  I looked over to see Neville smile at her.  Alicia entered with Angelina.  I saw George throw Angelina a big smile and looked at Lee Jordan, who was also with us, watching him grin at Alicia.  Then came Padma who nodded her head at Dean, also smiling.

Finally they all reached the front and went to stand across from us.  I watched Arthur enter with a stunning Hermione.  Her hair had been curled down her back.  She had a long black and white dress on and she had a crown of white and black flowers on her head.  She wore white shoes that looked like they had black lace covering them.

She walked down the aisle gracefully.  I smiled at her, she smiled back at me strongly.  I was stuck in a daze.  As she walked down the aisle a gentle breeze blew back her hair perfectly.  I turned hearing George snickering.  I smacked his head and he stopped the spell.

Her hair fluttered back down to her sides.  George laughed again.  I poked him in the side with my finger.  Then Angelina gave him a death glare and he sobered up.  Hermione got to the front and Arthur sat down in the front pew.  Hermione smiled at him before turning to me and taking my hand.


George's POV

This was strange, I was going to be married to Angelina and Harry's was marrying Hermione.  Ron would have been marrying her if he had lived and Harry would be marrying Ginny if she had survived.  Lee and Alicia, Neville and Luna, Seamus and Katie, Dean and Padma.  Percy had already married Audrey some woman I had not met before his wedding.

"Then I declare you to be bonded for life."

I had not been paying attention.  Oh well.


Hermione's POV


The ceremony went by quickly, or I felt it had.  I smiled at everyone as Harry and I left to prepare for the reception.  After we had left Luna and Molly began guiding everyone out.  When that was done the guests told us farewell as we went to have our wedding pictures taken.



There are some characters that were single mainly throughout the books however they had to have someone so that is why certain characters are in situations that don't make much sense.

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