Im a Syles now ..

I can't believe its happening ... I'm getting adopted.

I'm Aurora Smitley and I've been in this stupid orphanage 'Rainbow sunshine' for like 5 years . I came in here when I was 11, so yea 5 years.


2. One Direction ?!?

I walked out into the living room with the other kids. My best friend Jamie was waiting for me. Jamie is a tall girl with hazel eyes, she has black hair that layers to about her shoulder, and she has been here ever since I have been here. I walked over and say down by her. We talked for a while.

Harry's pov:

Today was the big day! I couldn't believe I was going to adopt a girl. I was thinking some where in the age range of 15-17. I mean I'm 19 so I have to be older than her. I pulled into the orphanage 'Rainbow Sunshine' and walked in. The guys know I'm adopting and I want them to be surprised by what the girl looks like. I want a girl just because theirs so many guys around me. They don't even know I'm getting a girl. I walked into the orphanage and found Cristi, the owner of the orphanage. I talked to her about what qualities I was looking for in the girl. I mentioned brown hair like me, curly hair, and kind of short but not like a midget. She said she had the perfect girl for me. I followed her into the living room. Most of the girls started freaking out and came running up to me and asked me for an autograph. I just kept following Cristi. Only two girls at in a corner and didn't even acknowledge me. They just sat their and talked. I think they were best friends or something. "Umm girls, I would like to introduce you to Harry Styles. He is looking to adopt today." The girl with the brown hair looked up but then looked down again.

Auroras pov:

I was talking to Jamie about what happened with Brittany. "Umm girls, I would like to introduce you to Harry Styles. He is looking to adopt today." Cristi said appearing above them. I looked up and then looked down not even knowing what Cristi said. It took me a second to realize what she had said. I immediately stood up, "Hello". Harry just looked up and down my body as if checking me out. "And what's your name?" Harry asked. "Aurora. And this is Jamie." I said gesturing over to Jamie who was now watching Pretty Little Liars (which is our favorite show ever!) Jamie looked up from her position and waved. Harry and Cristi walked into another room and talked for a while so I went back to watching tv. All if the other adopters had left already. Harry and Cristi walked back in. Cristi spoke up, "Aurora. Pack up your bags please." Did I hear what I think I just heard. I looked at Jamie. Tears were forming in both if our eyes.

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