Im a Syles now ..

I can't believe its happening ... I'm getting adopted.

I'm Aurora Smitley and I've been in this stupid orphanage 'Rainbow sunshine' for like 5 years . I came in here when I was 11, so yea 5 years.


3. I guess I'm leaving 'Rainbow Sunshine'

Tears were forming in both if our eyes. "Umm ... Ok." I slowly got up almost crying and went upstairs to my room. I grabbed my diary, and put it in the suitcase along with my other things. I put on some more mascara, eyeliner, and put on some more eyeshadow. I figured I was ready, so I walked down the stairs and to my surprise, Harry had already left so I walked over to Jamie and continued to watch Pretty Little Liars.

Harry's pov:

I spent 5 minutes waiting then decided to head to my home and decorate Aurora's room. I walked in and got straight to work. I hid my little surprises for her. I walked out my house door and then got in my car. I drove to the orphanage.

Aurora's pov:

Harry finally walked in. I stood up and he asked if I was ready to go and I just simply nodded. I told Jamie we would text and she nodded. I followed Harry out to his car. He took my suitcase and put it in the trunk. I hopped into the passenger seat of the car. He got in and the first thing he asked me was if I had a phone. I nodded. "Can I see it?" He said holding his hand out. I handed him my flip phone. "This will change sooner or later..." Next thin you know we pulled into a ginormous mansion.

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