Remember me?

Emma and Jenna are twins and are just alike, with their dark black hair and blue eyes you couldn't tell them apart. Besides their personalities Jenna is shy and sweet while Emma was fun and eccentric, they're inseparable and love each other more than anything. But one night Jenna watches as her sister runs away, and Jenna can't do anything to stop her. Jenna blames herself.
It's been three years since Emma's runaway and Jenna is still searching the world for her other half, though her parents and cops have lost hope Jenna won't give up. But one night she gets exactly what she wants, she finds her sister. She finds Emma on the side of a dark alley but not the way Jenna would expect. Now with her sister back in her life Jenna promises to help get Emma back on track, but Emma is so far gone Jenna knows she's not the same sister she used to be.
Maybe with Jenna's love and friendship Emma can get her life back.


1. The other twin


 "We'll be down in a minute!"

 "Emma I can't find it."

 "Emma Jenna get down here!! You're gonna be late for your first day!" My mum screamed up the stairs, I looked up at Emma as she searched her closet and I looked under her bed. When my sister woke up she couldn't find her lucky hoop earrings that our grandmother gave her, and if she lost them she lost her mind.

 "We have to find them I can't get through today!!" Emma's voice rang throughout the room, I watched as the door shot open and my mum walked in.

 "Emma Sophie Dexter!!! I have been calling you for fifteen minutes you're going to be late to school!"

 "I am looking for my hoops!!"

 "You can find them later we have to get going now!"

 "I'm not going anywhere until I find my earrings!!" Emma shrieked facing my mother, they both glared at each other causing me to cautiously to get up.

 "Mum Emma please there is no need to fight, mum it's really important that Emma finds her earrings. And Emma mum is just trying to make sure we get to school on time." I whispered but they kept glaring at each other.

 "They're just earrings you can get another pair, god you're such a brat!!" My mother screamed at her.

That only made Emma laugh, "If I'm a brat you're a raging b-" I gave her a look and she rolled her eyes "witch. A raging witch."

 "You have ten minutes to get downstairs and in that car or else." My mum said and walked out the door.

Emma growled, "Or else what?"

 "Emma." I pleaded. She looked me deep in the eyes and sighed, "I'm sorry."

 "I promise I will help you find your earrings once we get out of school but we have to go Em, it's our first day we shouldn't be late." My voice was barely audible and Emma noticed this.

 "It's okay Jenna I'm sorry you know how me and mom are." That was an understatement, Emma and my mother never really got along. It was as if they both hated each other and couldn't stand being around the other, I never understood it but Emma did. She would always say that mum thought I was the better twin, though me and Emma have the same dark hair like her and the same shade of blue eyes. We even acted exactly alike up until we were twelve, but once we turned thirteen me and Emma changed. She started to like boys and having fun and I started to read more and keep to myself. I always thought Emma was better than me she was outgoing, she had a lot of friends, and had a personality so wonderful everyone loved being around her.

 "Jenna come on before she starts yelling again."

 "Coming Emms." We walked out the room looking exactly like we always do matching but in our own way, Emma had on a pair of red shorts and a black sweater that hung off of her right shoulder. While I had on a pair of red skinnies and a long sleeved black shirt that clung to my small figure, the only thing that we wore the same thing was our pairs of black sandals. It was the ending of August and was still warm out so Emma thought we should get our last use of our sandals and flip flops.

We finally made it to the car and mum gave Emma this look but Emma just waved her hand in mum's face, that just made my mother mad but she just climbed into the car. Just as we climbed into the back seat my ten year old brother Cory ran to the front seat and spun around to face us.

 "Aww why so upset Emma? Lost your earrings?" He laughed and Emma's anger flared.

 "You. You!! Monster!" In that instant Emma leapt at Cory and started hitting him, "Give me my earrings now you little turd!!"

 "Emma stop!!!" My mother screamed as she started to swerve, "I am driving would you quit it now!!"

I reached for Emma and pulled her back next to me and away from my brother but all he did was laugh. My mother glared at us but kept driving, I tried to calm Emma down by smoothing her dark curls away from her face, but I knew it wasn't helping.

 "Alright we're here girls get out, have a nice day." She faked a smile and I knew it was for Emma.

 "Bite me mother." Emma growled and we climbed out, she grabbed my hand and slowly we made our way through the crowd to our lockers which were side by side. But as we made our way through everyone stared at us the twin girls who looked exactly alike, matched and who stuck out.

Some guys whistled, others looked us up and down, and girls glared at us or Emma. Girls always hated and despised Emma because of her beauty and her personality, but me they just looked ignored and looked away.


Snapping out of my thought I realized we had made it to  our lockers and saw that Emma already had all of her things, "Sorry I was thinking, you go ahead get to your class I'll just be a minute."

She hesitated but finally nodded, "Okay I'm going to go find Robin, just hurry okay you don't wanna be late."

I nodded and watched her walk away before putting my combination in the lock and pulled my first two binders for my classes. But before I could pick my bag up a hand touched my side gripping very close to my butt, scared I spun around and elbowed the person very hard.

 "Holy crap!!" I looked up and saw Zack, the same Zack I've known since I was little. The sweet, adorable, and cute Zack I've known for so long.

 "Oh my god Zack I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do that you just scared me!!" I screamed worriedly.

He looked up and laughed, "Don't worry about it Jenna it's cool it didn't hurt that much, maybe just a little bit. Damn you have a hard elbow." 

Angrily I grunted and punched his shoulder, "Jerk you scared me half to death!! And what did I tell you about that language!?"

 "Jenna you're fifteen years old just say the word fu-" I slapped him, "okay I guess not."

 "Come on we need to get going before we're late." I laughed and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and we both walked to our homeroom together and once we did my eyes found Emma's. She smiled at me and I smiled back, but then I realized who was sitting next to her. It was a guy he had spikey black hair and tan skin but I couldn't see his face his back was to me and from my seat I couldn't see anything. But what I did see was Emma's hand on his hand and his left hand on her thigh, that one position made my stomach twist and I had the right.

That one guy, that one hand position, and the flirty smile on my sister's face all were the beginning of a terrible awful future that would change my sister and me forever.

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