Remember me?

Emma and Jenna are twins and are just alike, with their dark black hair and blue eyes you couldn't tell them apart. Besides their personalities Jenna is shy and sweet while Emma was fun and eccentric, they're inseparable and love each other more than anything. But one night Jenna watches as her sister runs away, and Jenna can't do anything to stop her. Jenna blames herself.
It's been three years since Emma's runaway and Jenna is still searching the world for her other half, though her parents and cops have lost hope Jenna won't give up. But one night she gets exactly what she wants, she finds her sister. She finds Emma on the side of a dark alley but not the way Jenna would expect. Now with her sister back in her life Jenna promises to help get Emma back on track, but Emma is so far gone Jenna knows she's not the same sister she used to be.
Maybe with Jenna's love and friendship Emma can get her life back.


3. Screams bouncing off the walls


It's Halloween, and like always in the Dexter house we're preparing for our favorite holiday of the year. We lived and breathed Halloween, it was something all of us loved and the only time a year when Emma and mum weren't arguing and got along. But this year something wasn't right, Emma was chipper and actually loving life. Tony had met our parents the day after he stayed after that party, but of course there was doubt in my mother's eyes. When she saw the bruises and cuts she set her lips in a straight line and had it there until he left, and of course when Emma came back into the room they went at it. But even with her screaming Emma kept a smile on her face and talked rationally the whole time, I of course was on the couch and was laughing at Emma's rebellion against our mum.

Our mother couldn't ruin Emma's happiness because I told her of my approval of Tony and her screams almost deafened me. But today was different, Tony was coming over to our annual Halloween party and Emma couldn't have been happier.

This year me and Emma were going as Mario and Luigi since we always dress up together, but to top it off Tony said he had a surprise for us.

 "What do you think it is?" Emma asked as I fixed her mustache, even though our outfits were dresses and were tight girl versions of Mario and Luigi I still wanted the mustaches and Emma agreed.

  "What Tony? I don't know I'm still questioning. But don't worry he'll be here soon."

She huffed and went to put on her hat, I felt weird in the dress but Emma and I always took turns on the outfits and this time was hers. As I inched the bloody thing down the door bell rang, it was only seven thirty the party didn't start until eight so it had to be Tony.

 "I've got it!!" Emma yelled as she ran down the stairs me in tow, she yanked the down open and I swear my whole life of funny moments couldn't make up for this one moment. Me and Emma both burst out laughing because there before us stood Tony all cute in a Princess Peach outfit even with a blonde wig, so this was his surprise!

 "Okay okay laugh it up that's what I got it for." He smiled shutting the door behind him.

 "Oh my god this is way beyond anything you could have ever done!!!" I laughed.

Emma started snorting and tried to cover it but that only made us laugh louder, I guess we were making too much noise because in walked Cory decked out in his Chucky costume.

 "Emma get up I can see your thong." He said and Emma immediately stopped laughing and leaped up pulling her skirt down.

Her face flushed red, "It's not a thong!!"

 "Not a thong my ass."

I gawked, "Cory language you know better."

He just shrugged and went back to the living room, Emma twirled her hair around her finger and sighed, "I hate that little turd come on let's go see how the living room is looking."

We both followed her as I played with Tony's fake blonde wig, before we could make it into the living room my mum walked in front of us, "Hello girls, Tony good to see you...again."

 "Nice to see you too Mrs. Dexter." He scratched the back of his neck as she looked all of us up and down.

 "Your costumes are interesting, are you really going to wear that to your father's job party?" My mum asked and we all looked at her confused.

 "Mum what are you talking about?" I asked.

She looked down at her phone then back at us, "Oh right I forgot to tell you girls we're not having your party this year."

We both gawked at her and screamed, "What!? But this is our tradition!!"

 "Oh don't worry about it you can have one next year, besides we're taking your brother and you girls to your father's job they're having a Halloween party. It'll be fun." She smiled but Emma glared at her.

 "You can't just cancel it we've already invited people mum!!" She shouted.

My mum spun around and smiled, "Don't worry I've taken care of that I called all of your friends and told them there was no party this year so..." Emma stopped her.

 "Wait you did what!? you had no right we could have had our party while you two left this is unfair, it was our party not yours!!" Emma yelled and me and Tony tried to calm her down but she stood her ground.

 "Emma I will not be disrespected in my own home it's just a party get over it, if you don't want to go to this party with us then fine stay here. Daniel Cory let's go Emma is being childish again!!" She looked back at me and sighed, "Jenna are you going to be my good girl and come to this party with us or are you going to follow your sister terrible lead?"

I gulped and looked down at my feet not meeting her eyes, "I'm staying here."

Emma smiled and my mother huffed, "Let's go the party has already started let's get to it!!"

My father and brother came down the stairs as my mother made her way out the door, my dad came over to us and reached in his pocket handing a hundred dollar bill to my sister.

 Quietly he said, "Just don't buy too much beer, we'll see you later." With that he rushed to the door and closed it.

Me and Emma both laughed, "Yup typical dad."

Tony looked surprised, "He does this often?"

 "All the time." We said in unison, we all ran up the stairs and into our room. Emma grabbed her jean jacket and tossed me my leather one.

 "Where are we going?"

Emma looked at Tony and laughed, "To have a party of our own, now get out of that costume and put something cute on."

 "Cute?" I asked confused.

 "Oh that's right you don't know the definition" she laughed and I sat on my bed and Tony looked at me and started groaning, "What in the world is wrong with you?"

He looked at Emma and groaned, "I don't have anything to change into I don't wanna get caught out like this."

 "Don't worry baby I know my brother will have something."

 "Em he's ten."

She rolled her eyes, "No silly my other brother he's in college."

 "Oh well then."

It took Emma fifteen minutes to find two perfect outfits, her outfit was a of black skirt, a orange halter top, and black wedges. My outfit was a pair of black skinnies, a orange spaghetti strap shirt, and my black converse.

 "Thanks Emms you so know me."

 "No problem Jenna dear, Tony go to the last door at the end of the hall and go in the first drawers there's gonna be something in there for you to wear." With Ton gone we both changed quick and Emma puffed up her curls and since I didn't feel like straightening my hair it was just as curly as hers.

 "How do I look?" We both looked to the side to see Tony in baggy yet tight black skinnies, a dark blue shirt, and the same sneakers from earlier.

 "I like."

 "Jenna please leave the room for twenty minutes." Emma laughed and Tony chuckled.

 "I hope you're joking." They laughed at me but grabbed their jackets and dragged me out the door, we climbed in Tony's car and he revved the engine. It was already dark and kids were still trick or treating but I didn't care as Tony drove down the street I stuck my head out the window and screamed with joy. Emma followed my lead and Tony followed her,together our voices echoed through all the streets.

 "Oh wait Jenna I have a surprise for you!" I looked back into the car and then someone grabbed me.

 "Surprise!!" Zack yelled, I almost screamed but laughed when I realized who was behind me, "Zack what are you doing here?"

 "Well Emma invited me for a night on the town, glad I'm here." He smiled and I hugged him.

 "Oh course where are we going!?" I yelled at Tony but he jus smiled.

 "It's a surprise."

We stopped driving and Tony pulled up to a cliff, I jumped out with Emma as she grabbed a Vodka bottle from behind the driver's seat. Tony wrapped his arm around her and Zack bent down and I jumped on his back and we all laughed. There was a big rock near the edge but far enough to keep us from falling, we all laid against it and Tony took a sit up the bottle and handed it to my sister. She took a sip and Zack took it and took a big sip and handed it to me, I stared at the bottle in my hands the clear liquid daring me to take a sip.

  "Oh crap guys Jenna's not one for drinking, well she's never drank anything before so.."

Tony laughed, "Than how do you know she doesn't like it?"

 "I don't think she should do this, you don't have to Jenna." Zack whispered.

Emma looked at me, "Jenna just give me back the body you don't have to do this."

 "Let her have some."

 "You don't have to."

 "What if she wants to?"

 "What if she doesn't?"

 "Maybe we should just blow this off and..." Before Emma could finish I brought the bottle to my lips and began gulping the liquid before the burning sensation hurt too much and I snatched the bottle away. A cough developed and I felt like I was choking, Zack started smacked my back and Emma rushed over to me making sure I was okay. When I stopped coughing they all looked at me for something but I just smiled.

 "That felt awesome!!!"
We all smiled and shouted, "Wooooooo!!!!!"

Of course with there being four of us the bottle was empty within twenty minutes, but Emma whispered to me that having a sixteen year old boyfriend who drank had its perks. When I asked what they were she smiled and opened the dashboard and out came two more liquor bottles, the perks were you found beer and liquor everywhere.

Once we started the second bottle I felt my head start to spin and happiness was all I felt, and everyone agreed with me. Tony turned on the radio blasting rap music as we all danced to it, Emma grinded with Tony as me and Zack drunkenly swing danced. By the time it was 2 o' clock all three bottles were empty and we were all drunk out of our minds, for once I actually understood why people drank it felt awesome.

 "Um Tony" I burped, "how are we gonna get home?"

Emma snickered as Zack studied his finger nails, "Hey Emma if you have blue nail polish can you paint my nails?"

 "Sure." She laughed.

Tony was asleep but I was still a little smart so I smacked him and he jumped awake, "Oh my god!! Fire!!"

We all started laughing as he calmed down realizing there was no fire, "Tony how are we going to get home?"

Scratching his neck he groaned, "Um we can drive."

 "Or fly." Emma said completely zoned out.

I giggled and make a huge burp, "Nice one." Zack smiled and held his hand for a high five, I slapped his left hand.

 "Well we have to get home somehow." Emma agreed but laid back on my lap again. We all sat in silence before Zack got an idea.

 "Guys let's drive together!!"

I looked at him confused, "You want us to what?"

 "Well one of us does a certain thing, Tony steers, I could do the break and Emma can do the gas." He said proudly.

We all just stared at him, even though we were drunk we weren't that stupid. Instead we slowly drove to a Dunkin Donuts which was at the bottom of the cliff, quite lucky if you ask me. Together we shared a large cup of coffee and slightly came down from our drunk stage, amazingly it had helped and Tony was able to slowly drive us home without any complications. Since Zack was closer he was dropped off first, but Tony said he needed to smoke so we parked down the street from Zack's house. Emma was asleep in the passenger's sea and I was laying against Zack's side his arm wrapped around me, Tony sat on the bumper and smoked a cigarette.

 "Hey Jenna." Zack whispered into my ear.

 "Yeah Zack?"

 "I like you."

I giggled a little, "No, no you don't I'm not likable."

 "And why do you think you're unlikeable?"

I sighed, "Because I'm not the better twin Emma is more fun, social, pretty..."

 "You're just alike."
 "But she's prettier."

He sighed, "I think you're really pretty."

 "Why?" I asked him, he looked down a me and I could feel how upset I had made him and instantly felt bad.

 "You don't know really? You've never even noticed dammit Jenna, I have to go." He opened the door and slammed it startling Emma, He rushed right past Tony and practically ran home.

 "What's his problem?" Emma questioned rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. But when I didn't answer she looked at me and instantly knew something was wrong so she turned to Tony, "Get in we need to go home."

He threw his cigarette down and hopped in the truck and began the drive to our house. I laid down on the seat feeling like a total jerk and wished I hadn't questioned Zack liking me. How could I believe I didn't deserve someone to like me? Oh yeah because I thought Emma was the better twin, wow people didn't lie when the said drunk people tell the truth without even realizing it.

The drive was quiet but every once in a while Emma would twist in her seat and glance back at me, though I didn't look at her I could tell she wanted to say something. She would open her mouth but shut it and quickly turn around, Emma was never a quiet person and when she was that meant she didn't know what to do. When Tony finally pulled up to the house me and Emma's eyes met and we both frowned, my stomach still flipped with liquor but I felt it drop at the sight of the lights on.

I gulped and Emma kissed Tony, "I'll see you later we're about to get thrown to the dogs."

 "Call me if anything I'll come and get you." Tony whispered and she nodded, we were still drunk so climb into our window took ten minutes. It wasn't smart to try and climb through a window while being drunk but we made it and dropped from the window, quietly we made our way around our dark room when the light switched on.

 "Where in the world have you two been? Do you know what time it is?" My mother's voice dripped with venom and I cowardly hid behind Emma. It didn't help because she started to sway a little, my mother leaped up from the bed and gripped onto our faces staring into our eyes, "Are you two drunk?"

We stayed quiet and she gripped harder making me flinch, "You have been drinking you reek of Hennessey, get downstairs to the livingroom now!"

 Emma glared at her but grabbed my hand and together we made our way to the living room and found our dad on the couch and then our mother walked in.

 "I want to now where have you been." She grumbled.

I went to open my mouth but Emma spoke first, "We went out for Christmas."

 "That is not what I asked."

 "Well we weren't really in one place."

 "Where have you been!?"

 "Out with friends." Emma shot back.


 "Why do you care? You never have before."

 "You came into this house at 3 o'clock in the morning drunk, why are you drunk?"

 "We went to a McDonald's and some friends were there and asked if we wanted to go to a party. You know since ours was cancelled."

My mother clenched her jaw, "Who told you that you were aloud out?"

 "Daddy." I piped in but Emma elbowed my side.

She instantly looked at my dad, "David did you give them permission to go out?"

He hesitated, "Well yes it's Halloween I thought it'd be okay for them to have fun with some friends."

 "Why didn't you tell me?"

 "I didn't think it mattered."

She looked back at Emma, "You were with Tony weren't you?"

Emma stayed silent but gripped my hand, "Emma answer me."

I gripped her hand and I swear my heart beat was racing, but looking at Emma I could see her eye twitching and when it does that she was a ticking time bomb waiting to happen.

 "Emma...." my mother warned, "fine, Jenna."

My eyes instantly met Emma's as my stomach plummeted to the center of earth, "Jenna I know how good you are and I can trust this wasn't your fault, unlike your sister. Now tell me who you were with and where you were?" She asked politely and went to stroke my hair but Emma gripped her wrist before she could. Rising from her seat Emma glared at my mother, I could almost hear her low growl, "Don't touch her."

 "She's my daughter."

 "You have no right to bring her into this."

 "Then answer my question."

Emma's jaw clenched, "Yes okay we were with Tony get plastered and getting laid is that what you wanted to hear mother?"

Emma's snickers were drowned out when my mother's gasp rang through the air, she narrowed her eyes and stepped closer to Emma. Emma kept her stance and glared back at my mother, "Jenna leave the room."

 "But mum..."

 "Jenna now!" She screamed but I didn't move, she saw my hesitation and stepped my way when Emma stepped  in her way.

 "Jenna go."

 "Emma I...."

 "Jenna just go it'll be okay." Listening to her I did leave the room but into the hallway where I wouldn't be seen. There was a silence then my mother spoke.

 "You are a disgrace! You're obedient, rebellious, and look at what you've done to your sister. You brought her home drunk!"

 "So what it was bound to happen someday."

 "No it wouldn't have Jenna is a good girl, she doesn't drink, she doesn't defy me, and she isn't dating a delinquent."

 "Don't you dare bring Tony into this, you don't know anything about him. And before you get all happy you need to understand you don't know Jenna."

 "I know my own daughter."

Emma snorted, "Oh yeah what's her best friend's name?"


 "Her other one?"


 "Her name is Andi."

 "That's a boy name." My mother grinned back.

 "What's Jenna's favorite cereal?"

 "Coco puffs."

 "It's lucky charms, what's her favorite color?"


 "Purple. What's her favorite snack?"


 "Not since she was eleven, it's a peanut and butter and jelly do you know what kind of peanut butter?"



My mother groaned, "Emma this proves nothing, and stop changing the subject. You are in the wrong for what you did tonight. You probably forced your sister..."

 "She jumped in the car willingly and drank that liquor with her own choice. You know nothing about me or Jenna, do you even know what we wanna be when we grow up?"

 "Real-estate and Jenna wants to be a nurse." Our mother said proudly.

Emma rolled her eyes, "Mum I wanna be a fashion designer and Jenna doesn't want to be a nurse that's what you want, Jenna wants to be a writer..." my mother laughed.

 "Writers such dependent people, always wasting their time just hoping people buy their books so they can make a salary."

Emma groaned, "This is exactly what I mean! You always criticize us, this is why Jenna is so insecure about her writing because you don't believe in her!"

 "Emma I will not tolerate you disrespecting me in my own house, I swear you've gotten worse lately. And it's because of that boy."

Emma's eyes narrowed, making me gulp hard, "What are you trying to say?"

 "I don't like the idea of the influence he's has over you, I don't want you with him anymore." My mother's words made the world around me go in slow motion, the way Emma 's curls swung around her face as she turned to face our mother, the look of absolute betrayal in her eyes, and her jaw dropping but she was silent.

But in seconds her eyebrows creased and her fists clenched and she narrowed her eyes right at my mother, "You can't tell me I can't be with him."

 "I'm your mother."

 "I wish you weren't."

 "Sometimes I wish the same thing." That made my heart sink, by the look in Emma's eyes I could tell hers did too, "I forbid you from seeing that boy again, and that's final."

Just as she started to walk away Emma screamed, "I hate you!! You're a terrible mother, no mother should ever say that to her child! God made a mistake when he ever thought you could ever be a good mother..."


The noise rang in my ears shaking me to the core, but I shakily walked into the room as my eyes found Emma. She was hunched over, tears streaming down her face, knees to the ground, and my mother's hand print on her right cheek. My feet quickly brought me to Emma's side as I pulled her into a hug and glared as my mother, "What have you done?"

She took in a deep breath and left my gaze, "She provoked me."

 "You had no right to hit here!!" Pulling Emma to her feet I led her out of the room and to ours as she cried, her sobs making my heart ache for her. I got her changed into her pajamas and went to lay in my bed when she came up behind me.

 "Jenna could I sleep with you tonight?" She whispered.

A slight smile on my face I said, "Of course."

She climbed in next to me and hugged my torso tight as I wrapped my arms around her protectively. She cried low sobs and all I could do was rub her back and try and comfort her, it wasn't until she was about to fall asleep.


 "Yeah Emms?"

She wiped her eyes and settled into my shoulder, "I have to leave."

 "No you don't just go to sleep we'll talk about this in the morning." With a nod she fell asleep and with her being drunk I didn't think anything about her leaving so I let it go. I wish I had brought it up with her a little more but I didn't, that's what I regret most.

Not doing anything I knew I should have at the time.

I would have stopped heart breaks.

And not broken up a family.

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