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Emma and Jenna are twins and are just alike, with their dark black hair and blue eyes you couldn't tell them apart. Besides their personalities Jenna is shy and sweet while Emma was fun and eccentric, they're inseparable and love each other more than anything. But one night Jenna watches as her sister runs away, and Jenna can't do anything to stop her. Jenna blames herself.
It's been three years since Emma's runaway and Jenna is still searching the world for her other half, though her parents and cops have lost hope Jenna won't give up. But one night she gets exactly what she wants, she finds her sister. She finds Emma on the side of a dark alley but not the way Jenna would expect. Now with her sister back in her life Jenna promises to help get Emma back on track, but Emma is so far gone Jenna knows she's not the same sister she used to be.
Maybe with Jenna's love and friendship Emma can get her life back.


14. Operation: Prom

It's May 31, technically it's the last week before our senior class graduates on Friday. Since it's the last Saturday before graduation we have our prom tonight and me and Emma can't be more excited, we spent all of last and this week shopping for the perfect dresses.

It took ten days but we found them, oh course with us being twins we wanted to collaborate with our dresses. I wanted simple but pretty, Emma wanted beautiful and out there with sparkles and rhinestones. It took at least twenty different stores, My mum and Andi's help, and $200 to finally find the perfect dresses. It was fate the dresses called to us they were perfect, we were in Khloe's Dresses and I was on the right side of the store with Andi and Emma was on the left side. I found my dress and rushed to show Emma, but in the same instant she showed up in front of me wit the exact same dress I had but in her own style. The dresses were classic black, strapless, and came to our knees, there was a sash in the middle of the dresses with a rhinestone flower on the side.

The difference about the dresses was that her sash was blue her favorite color and mine was purple my favorite color. They had all our requirements and were just what we wanted, when we told this to mum and Andi they jumped with joy because the long search was finally over.

 "Jenna!" Emma snapped her fingers in front of me snapping me from my daydream.


She laughed, "It's almost time to go the boys will be here any minute." I nodded and she went to put on her heels. Emma looked stunning from her dark curls she spent an hour making look perfect, to how the dress showed off every curve she had, the stilettoes made her taller but I knew she'd regret wearing them. I hate heels with all my heart and she was lucky enough she talked me into wearing wedges. Andi did our makeup which looks great our eyes were outlined perfectly with black and our lip gloss was sparkly and pink. Andi's date was this football player who had liked her for a while and after finally giving him a chance she started to like him and agreed to go to prom with him.

Her dress was leopard print and strapless, on anyone else it would look crazy but with Andi's long blonde hair and her stunning legs she pulled it off with out any effort. My hair was straightened which I loved but with tiny curls at the ends, compliments of Emma.

The whole time we wee getting ready Emery was just enjoying herself by helping us get ready handing us our brushes, shoes, or anything else. It was funning how she gave me a toothless smile when I tickled her for stealing my lip gloss.

 "Are you girls almost ready?" My mum smiled as she peaked in, that was another thing mum and dad were getting a divorce. We didn't try and stop her because we knew she was doing the right thing, even though it was a rough few weeks she has actually been happy. She started singing again, she already found a new job being a real estate which she loves, and every time you look at her she has a smile on her face. She got her family whole again and she was just happy about it, I felt like I had given her a miracle bringing Emma home.

I smiled at her, "Yeah mum just about."

 "Are you sure you're okay with watching Emery I mean we can get a babysitter or...." Emma trailed off.

 "Sweetie I'm fine you girls need to go have a good night you deserve it."

Ding Dong.

 "Emma, Jenna, Andi the guys are here!!!!"

We all squealed and grabbed our bags, Emma kissed Emery one last time on the forehead and we made our way down the stairs. There at the bottom of the stairs stood the most handsome guys I've ever seen, Tony's hair fell in his eyes the perfect way which made them sexy, Greg looked so adorable in his tuxedo I laughed a little, but when my eyes landed on Zack I felt my stomach flip with butterflies. He looked so handsome, his light brown hair in his eyes but off to the side, his tux fit his body tight, and his smirk was so inviting.

 "So you're my date?" I smirked.

 "The one and only."

I laughed, "I'm such a lucky girl."

He laughed, "Does this sexy guy get a kiss?"

 "No I don't kiss boys I'm not in a relationship with."



 "Pretty please?" He pouted.

I giggled, "I don't care how pretty those pleases are."

He laughed and we followed the others out side but I collided with Emma's back, "Jeez Emma what's...."

My sentence was cut off and my jaw dropped as did Emma and Andi's jaws, there in front of us was a huge white limo. I started to  laugh as Emma jumped up and down screaming yes, Andi didn't hesitate to jump in the limo and pop her head out the top visor.

 "Come on it's so awesome in here!" I looked at Emma and we both ran and jumped in, the boys climbed and the told the driver where to go. Once he started the car the song 'I'm sexy and I know it' came on and Andi started screaming the lyrics through the night, Emma went out the window with her and together their voices rang through the streets causing cars to honk at us but they didn't care.

Tony pulled out a bottle of champagne and poured each of us a glass, "To this night of memories."

 "This night of memories!" We all screamed and gulped our glasses, Emma's was the first one down she laughed but then burped causing all of us to laugh right along with her. The car right was fun and quick because too soon the limo pulled up to the Marriott that was holding our prom, we all climbed out and I marveled at the tall building and the bright lights shining all around it. Other students were walking in and others stopped and watched as we walked past them, we just smiled back at them and for once they smiled back and waved at us.

 "This is really happening isn't it?" Emma asked.

 "Yeah Emms this is happening."

She gripped my hand happily as we walked through the big corridor into the gigantic ball room which held our prom. It was beautiful the idea was Andi's the prom committee and year book club all loved her idea for 'Springtime in Wonderland', it seems like a weird idea but the way the room was set up was perfect. Red and white rose bushes here and there, a checkered board dance floor, giant flowers and mushrooms, and a long tea table covered with teapots and cakes that say eat me.

 "When people say you're incredible Andi they are so right." I smiled and she gave me a thumbs up. The song Alice by Avril Lavigne came on and Emma squealed.

 "Come on Tony let's go dance."

The four of them left to the dance floor and it was just me and Zack, "Wanna have a tea party?"

 "Sure." We poured our small tea glasses and clinked them together, the whole night was fabulous and we all enjoyed ourselves. Tammy Fernor a popular girl and Brett O'Connor one of the star quarterbacks won prom king and queen which surprised no one. Zack was sweet all night like he always was but there was something about the look in his eyes that said something I couldn't explain. Emma looked as if she was onto of the world, I felt that this night was the best we've had in years. But I had to do one more thing, I slipped away from the group and over to the DJ.

 "Could you please 'Ever Enough' it's very important." I whispered, he nodded.

 "I'm sorry about what happened to your sister but it's good that's she's back yeah?" He asked apologetically.

 "Yeah it is the song is for her."

 "Yeah I'll play it right now." I nodded and rushed back to Emma just as the beginning of the song started to play, she turned to me and smiled.

 "Jenna this is our song."

I smiled grabbing her hand, "I know it's just for you, dance with me?"

 "Okay you guys this is the last song of the night so make it count, this one's for the Dexter twins." The DJ said with a smile

Emma's smile was big as we made it to the dance floor, I gripped her shoulders as she gripped mine back. The lyrics played all around us and I felt the tears prick at the sides of my eyes as a trembly smile graced my face, "I love you Jenna."

 "I love you too Emma, I never stopped."

She sniffled and I hiccupped but sputtered a small laugh as did she, we stayed that way halfway through the song until I felt a tap on my shoulder. We broke apart to see Tony and Zack, "Mind if we cut in?"

Nodding Emma went to Tony and Zack put his hands on my hips, I wrapped my arms around his neck and laid my head on his chest, "Thank you Zack."

 "For what?"

 "For never letting me give up finding Emma and always being there for me, you're my best friend." I whispered but the words didn't feel right on my lips, something felt wrong about calling him my best friend. Over the past few years I had always kept my mind on the idea of finding Emma, ignoring life, and everything around me. But maybe there was something that I had been ignoring all this time and with my mind finally cleared and my heart finally at peace my eyes opened.

Zack. He was always there and never left like everyone else did, I didn't push him away and there was a reason. The feelings between me and Zack weren't those of friendship, but it was something much more. 

 "Zack?" I pulled away to look at him as he smiled down at me.

 "Yeah Jenna?"

I didn't say anything but slowly reached up and brushed my lips against his, at first his didn't react but slowly tightened his arms around my waist and kissed me back. The kiss lasted ten seconds which felt like I was on air when I pulled away, my cheeks ached from the large smile I had on.

He pushed back my hair and looked me in the eyes, "I've been wanting to do that for years."

A bright red blush came over my cheeks as the song ended and everyone started to clear the dance floor, but I didn't care I stared at Zack and he stared back the smiles on our faces not ready to falter.

 "I knew you two would end up together it's about time you did." Emma giggled as she made her way to our side.

 "When aren't you right Emma?"

 "Never I'm always right, let's go my baby is waiting for me to come home." I nodded and we all made our way back to the limo happily from the satisfaction of our night. This was the perfect night and will always be the night none of us would forget.


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