Remember me?

Emma and Jenna are twins and are just alike, with their dark black hair and blue eyes you couldn't tell them apart. Besides their personalities Jenna is shy and sweet while Emma was fun and eccentric, they're inseparable and love each other more than anything. But one night Jenna watches as her sister runs away, and Jenna can't do anything to stop her. Jenna blames herself.
It's been three years since Emma's runaway and Jenna is still searching the world for her other half, though her parents and cops have lost hope Jenna won't give up. But one night she gets exactly what she wants, she finds her sister. She finds Emma on the side of a dark alley but not the way Jenna would expect. Now with her sister back in her life Jenna promises to help get Emma back on track, but Emma is so far gone Jenna knows she's not the same sister she used to be.
Maybe with Jenna's love and friendship Emma can get her life back.


2. Black & Blue

It's been a whole month since school started and I feel as if something bad is going to happen, it's been like this since Emma met this guy. Tony she said his name was, he's been inching his way into our lives and I don't like the thought of it.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

 "Oh my god oh my god oh my god!! Jenna he's texting!"

Rolling my eyes I laughed at her, "Emma you act like that is a big surprise you've been texting him over Facebook for weeks now."

She smiled, "Yeah but it's still exciting, you the hot and mysterious junior actually liking the average sophomore."

 "Emms you're not average, if anything you're better than all those senior girls put together."

 "Sure if I am than you're right beside me at the top of the chain, you and me two against the world baby." I laughed at her quoting the movie Grindhouse and went back to my book, Something like Fate by Susan Colasanti one of my favorite authors. While I was on the floor on my beanbag Emma was on her bed lying on her stomach twirling her hair while she texted Tony. Mum and dad have wanted to meet him for the longest but Emma says he's too shy.

 "Why is he too shy to meet us?" I whispered and she froze, nervously she bit her lip and looked away.

 "He just doesn't think you guys will like him."

I almost scoffed at her, "He thinks we won't like him? What because he's a junior and hit on you a freshman on the first day or maybe the fact that he always takes you out late nights and brings you home drunk? Am I right is that why he won't meet us?"

 "Jenna that hit below the belt that wasn't cool. At. All."  She slammed her laptop and threw herself under her blanket, I sighed and crawled over to her side. I could hear her sniffling and instantly felt bad, I never downgraded Emma and if we ever got into an argument I always felt bad about it. Especially when she cries it makes my heart clench in my chest.

 "Emma I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that."

 "No Jenna you did mean it, you meant every word."

I ran my fingers through my hair and grabbed her hand, "I did mean some of it but I only said those words because I'm worried I want to know the guy who you've been sneaking out with, who gets you drunk every night, and who I've never seen even though he goes to our school. I'm just worried about you."

She sniffled and pulled the cover off of her head, a smile breaking through her dark curls. She wiped away her tears and opened her eyes, "I know Jenny I know. I'm sorry I shouldn't have overreacted like that he's just a guy, you're my twin, my other half, my sister."

I jumped up and hugged her, she gripped me back and I smiled, "I'm so glad we can never stay mad at each other."

She laughed and I heard a Ding, sighing I looked back at her and she rolled her eyes as she lifted the computer open. She read the message she had gotten and looked at me and pouted her lip ad put on the puppy dog face.

 "Oh God what now?" I asked.

 "Well there's this party tonight..." I stopped her.

 "No, no no no no no no no!!" I groaned and she hugged me and started whining.

 "Please Jenny please I love you so much I promise I will behave and I won't drink anything, please just let me go!!"

 "Oh my god Em you're so annoying, okay!!" I lifted my finger as she smiled, "But no drinking, stay by Tony at all times, and please don't do anything reckless."

 "I swear I will I will be responsible." Just as she ran to her closet and started pulling out things I cleared my throat.

 "Emma" she mummed and I continued, "please come back tonight, I don't wanna have to get worried when I have to go out looking for you at the dead of night."

She laughed, "Don't worry Jenny bear I will be back before three or four. Oh yeah text Tony and tell him to come get me at eleven."

 "Kk." I climbed over to her laptop and pulled up her messages with Tony and texted him.

  Emma Dex: Heyy cum get me @ 11

I sent the message and it took him less than a minute to text back.

  Tony G-man: Got chu bae, wear something sexy tonight ;)

 "Emma! He just texted wear something sexy please tell me he's kidding!"

She snickered, "Jen I'm fifteen when a guy texts wear something sexy he means it."

I gagged, "Eww that's why I don't associate with boys yet."

 "You will soon, wait what about Zack?" She smirked at me but I rolled my eyes.

 "Oh shut up Zack is just my pal , you know that we've known him since we were in elementary school."

 "And you still look at him like he walks on the moon" we both laughed but she gasped, "this is perfect, Jenna how about this?"

I looked at the outfit she laid out and smiled, there before me were her cheetah print leggings, her knee high black boots, and a black half shirt that showed all of her belly but covered everything else. It all matched and was perfect for tonight, she could be a fashion designer when she got older.

 "It's perfect you're gonna look great." I said which made her smile, just then the door opened and I threw the blanket over the outfit to keep it from being seen.

In walked my dad and we both relaxed, "Girls I just wanted to say goodnight."

 "Night daddy." We said in unison. He laughed and closed the door before he came back in, "Oh yeah and Emma sweetheart I like the half shirt but it'll get cold put on a jacket before you go out and like you said 3 o' clock Emms no later."

 "Dad you are such a snoop." I laughed and he winked before closing the door.

Emma smiled and said, "I love him. Oh god I need to get dressed it's already 10:30, wait Jenny I just had like an awesome idea but don't freak out okay."

 "Got it."

 "You....should come to the party!" She screamed in a whisper, I closed my eyes and fell back on the bed just as she jumped on me.


 "Jenna come on it'll be fun."


 "I'll make sure you have a good time."


 "I'll invite Zack."

 "I don't care."

 "Why not?"

 "You know parties aren't my thing." I sighed out and she rolled off and to my right side, "I just don't wanna go Emma."

 "I get it I won't make you come."

 "Maybe the next one."

She scoffed, "Sure."

It took twenty minutes for her to get dressed, do her hair, and do her make-up and when she was done her phone started ringing and I rushed to pick it up. Emma laughed and motioned for me to put it on speaker, "Hello?"

 "Hey sexy." He said and it made me and Emma fall back on her bed and laugh silently.

 "Hey oh my god I've been waiting to hear your voice all day." I moaned and Emma fell to the floor as she tried to cover her laughs.

 "Oh yeah?"


 'I don't say totally.' Emma mouthed but I waved her off.

I could hear him chuckled and it was a deep yet smooth laugh, "Maybe I'll make up for that tonight."

 "Oh really?"

 "Oh yeah."

I winked at Emma as she gave me a thumbs up, "And how will you do that?"

 "I would tell you but I'm not going to tell you....Jenna." He laughed and I looked at Emma as her mouth dropped.

 "How did you know?" Emma asked completely shocked. 

 "I know what you sound like and you tell me a lot about Jenna." He laughed and I looked at her confused.

 "You talk about me?"

She looked hurt, "Of course I love you too much not to talk about you."

 "Hey I'm outside you girls coming?"

 "I am but Jenna's not one for parties."

 "Why not?"

Rolling my eyes I walked over to the window and saw his black truck and his figure behind the wheel, I lifted my hand and he turned to me. It was still too dark to see his face but I could make out his smile, "Okay Jenna I'm leaving be back soon okay."

 "Yeah see yah Emms." Moving out the way of the window I watched her climb down the side of the house and run to his car jumping in beside him. It didn't take long before they drove off and I was alone sitting at the window in the absence of my sister. She usually snuck out to parties even though our dad was perfectly cool with it, our mom still had her issues with Emma and got mad when she stayed out late.

I wish I would have went with her, because when she came back something was wrong.

I was writing on my laptop when the window opened, I looked up to find my sister making her way through but she didn't close the window when she came through she reached back down and a figure came in. She turned and shut the door but since the light was off I couldn't see her face or the figure's.

 "Emma what are you..."

 She ran at me and covered my mouth, "Shh now we don't need to wake up mom or dad, I need you to cooperate and help me okay?"

I nodded and she let go, I reached for the light and light flooded the room. I looked over at Emma as she pulled out a first aid kit but then I saw the blood.

 "Emma are you bleeding!?" I screamed in a whisper.

 "Shh I'm fine Tony is much worse." That's when I realized who was sitting on her bed, I looked over and saw that tan skin and a dark black hoodie covering his head and face, "Now help me he's hurt."

She sat on his right and I sat on his left, slowly she touched his shoulder and he sighed. She shrugged off his hoodie and I was finally able to see his face, his dark brown eyes and the cuts and bruises all over his face. I could feel the dinner I had just a few hours ago try and come up but I took a deep breath and put o a small smile.

 "Hey Tony I'm Jenna please don't kiss me one day thinking I'm Emma." I said and he started to laugh and Emma smirked.

 "If you do that I will hurt both of you." She said trying to sound threatening but it only made me and Tony laugh more.

He looked back at me, "Don't worry I won't but Jenna don't judge me."

 "Why would I judge you?" I asked and he looked at his feet, I looked at Emma but she frowned and I could see her bloody nose and a bruise on her arm.

 "What happened to you two?"

He put his face in his hands and sighed, "I took Emma to the wrong party."

 "We got into a fight with this guy and girl and let's just say we made it out before the guy pulled out a gun."

 "Oh my god Emma! How did you get to a party like that?"

 "I have some very mean enemies, growing up in foster homes you gotta get by on stealing and screwing over people." He whispered and I gasped.

 "You're a foster kid?"

 "It's not obvious? Well yeah I am." Emma put peroxide on his busted lip and he hissed in pain, "F- fudoodle cakes!"

I stopped and looed as Emma giggled, "Did you just say fadoodle cakes?"

He grinned, "Yeah Emma said you don't like cursing."

I smiled and Emma nodded at me, "We talk about you a lot."

"I can see that, Tony does anything hurt?"

 "Well besides the bruises and cut it's my fist, it's a little bruised from having to hurt the guy who tried to fight me." He lifted his hand and I saw the black and blue bruises the covered his knuckles, it's times like this people should be glad our mother's a nurse. I grabbed the bandage from the first aid kit and wrapped it tight around his hand, once I was done Emma put away all the stuff and threw away the dirty cotton balls and tissue. She cleaned her nose and changed into her pajamas and we both looked at Tony when he yawned.

 "How is this going to work?" I asked.

Emma shrugged, "Um maybe we should.."

But Tony got up and sat on the floor, "I can sleep on the floor."

 "No." Emma deadpanned, "You're hurt enough just lay in my bed, and Jenna won't allow any sexual things to happen she's too pure for that."

 "Hey my eyes are virgin and I wanna keep them that way." They laughed at me and I laid down on my bed but opened my laptop back up again. I opened back up my Microsoft tab and continued typing where I left off, I could hear Emma's soft snores but nothing else.

 "Hey Jenna?"

I looked up and pushed my glasses farther up my nose and looked at Tony, "Yeah Tone I-I mean Tony."

 "It's cool if you call me Tone, but I just wanted to know what you're typing." His eyes searched mine and I smiled.

 "A story or something like that, I want to be a writer when I get older."

 "That's really cool."

I could feel a blush developing on my cheeks as I smiled, "Thanks."

 "I'm sorry I should have talked to you or thought twice before I talked to your sister." He stammered.

 "I'm sorry?"

 "I can tell you really care about your sister, and I know I'm just this creepy junior who sweet talked her on the first day of school. But I do care about your sister I really do."

 "Then why do you take her to late night parties and bring her home drunk if you really cared about her?" This was the protective sister coming out of me.

He sighed, "I was the one that got drunk and felt like an idiot when I did so your sister would drink with me I guess to comfort me. But I'm not stupid we'd sit in the car for a while and drink coffee before I started driving."

 "Why did you get drunk if you knew my sister who is only fifteen remember, and take her to a senior or older kids parties?"

He sighed, "Well I know a lot of people and they invite me, but I get drunk to deal with my life. Being a foster kid isn't great you know it's kinda traumatizing, drinking is the only way I get away from my life."

 "I understand that but if you go to a party to get drunk and stupid don't drag my sister with you, do you understand me?" I grumbled not realizing I had gotten off my bed and was towering over him. He gulped and stood up beside me.

 "I completely understand, I really care about your sister and want what's best for her. Sometimes I think that it's not me." He whispered and I looked him deep in the eye, even in the dim light I can make out the truth in the dark color of his brown irises.

 "Alright." I sighed relieved and climbed back into my bed, "Hurt my sister I will chop off your manhood and feed them to my paper shredder."

 "Ouch" he winced jokingly, "I promise I wouldn't dream of it, for two fifteen year old sophomores you two are seriously kicking my as-astronaut."

I giggled and closed my laptop, "Tony me and you are going to get along just fine."

He laughed and I watched him roll over before twisting in my bed myself, Tony wasn't a bad guy. He just had a lot of crap that followed him, crap that would come back and bite him, me, and Emma in the butts and leave a mark forever.

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