Nikki and Liam are doing better than ever. But when their realationship takes a gigantic step, will they survive the wait? Or will one fall for someone else? Read to find out!


5. Sneak

"Hey it's me again. Where are you? Why haven't you come home? I called your mom. Please hurry. I love you. Bye." 

Voice mail number 4 from Liam. He's been calling me all morning. Harry's not awake yet though....I don't want to just leave. 

I got dressed and collected my stuff. I unplugged my phone charger, and Harry's flew up. "What are you doing up?"

"I have to go. Liam has been calling me all morning."


"Sorry. I'll call you later." 

"Okay. Bye, love." Harry stood up and kissed me on the cheek. "Do you want me to walk you to the parking garage?" 

I nodded. We rode the elevator shuddering every time the door opened. You never know who might see you. I hopped in my car once we got down to the parking garage, and Harry waved goodbye. I feel bad for just leaving him like that, but I have to go pick up Taylor. Liam dropped her off to my mom so he could go to work. 

I slowed down the car when I got to my parents' apartment. I know that they're gonna have a million questions of why I wasn't home with Liam and Taylor last night. I rang the doorbell, my hand shaking. My mom answered with Taylor in her arms and puke down her shirt. 

"Where were you last night?! Liam said he was late for work because of you! You don't realize how serious a job is do you? If he doesn't go to his work, he doesn't get money! And if he doesn't get money, you can't keep your baby."

"I'm sorry. I stayed the night at the hospital. I didn't even get to sleep! Time just got away from me."

"Well if this happens again, I'm not taking Taylor. I'm not gonna raise your baby for you." She handed me Taylor and the baby bag. 

"Thanks." I walked down to the parking lot and put Taylor in her car seat. 

I started driving but just couldn't get Liam off of my mind. I love him and Taylor so much. I can't do this to them. I only told Harry I would give him a shot because I was scared. I still am. I'm scared of losing him. He's my best friend. I mean...he is unusually hot. His bright green eyes, and amazing body, and that low, warm voice of his....but I need to call it off. 

I pulled up to the apartment and took Taylor out. She looked tired. Probably her nap time. Liam never puts her down for a nap. I wonder if she even got any sleep last night.

I set Taylor down in her crib. I turned on her baby monitor and went into the living room to call Liam. "Hey babe it's me."

"Oh..." He groaned. "What happened last night?"

"I was at the-"

Liam cut me off. "Hospital, yeah I know. My friend Luke told me he saw you somewhere else? An apartment building maybe?"


"Oh and heres the best part. He said you were with the one and only Harry Styles. You wanna explain that to me?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Really? I love you. If you're with Harry, tell me now....for Taylor's sake."

"I'm not. I promise."

"You keep promises right?"


"....Okay then. I'll see you when I get home. Love you."

"Love you." I hung up. The guilt was rushing to my head. I glanced down at my engagement ring. I just lied to my fiancé. I'm a terrible person. I don't deserve Liam. He's too good for me. He deserves someone better than me. Someone more......loyal.



"Liam! Come put this Catching Fire stuff on the shelves!"

"Be right there." I turned my phone off and walked toward the center of the store. I've never had a job this boring before. Barnes & Noble. Why on Earth did I choose Barnes & Noble? All I have to do all day is read the covers of books to old ladies. 

"Liam!" I heard my boss' voice boom through the store. I ran over to where she was, passing multiple old couples on my way. 

"Yes, Charlotte?" I tried to catch my breath from the run.

"I asked you to put the new Hunger Games stuff up. Get to it."

"I'm pretty sure it's Catching Fire." I laughed.

"You're correcting me?"

"Listen, I know you're my boss. But you don't have to be so hard on me."

"Why would I take my time on being hard on you?"

"Because I dumped you!" The words came out of my mouth louder than I planned. 

"You're on the edge of being fired. Got it?" Charlotte whispered, checking for people watching. 

I groaned and grabbed the box of Catching Fire stuff. She really pushes my buttons. I don't care if we did go out for 4 years! She can't talk to me like that! "CHARLOTTE!" I turned around and screamed at her, dropping the box.

"What?" She clenched her teeth.

"I quit."

"Wait- No Liam please! I'll take it easy on you! It'll be like the good old times! Remember that? You had it pretty bad for me." She winked and started walking toward me.

"No..." I gulped as she ran her fingers down my chest. "I have to go. I'll give you my two weeks notice tomorrow." I ran out the front door, not turning back.

"You'll regret this!" I hear Charlotte yell from behind me. I turn and feel someone's body bump into the front of me. 

"Nikki? Why do you have Taylor out?"

"We wanted to come see you...." She looked past me, reaching Charlotte's glance. "Is that the chick you were talking to in the parking lot after the sonogram?"

"Um...yeah. She's my boss."

Nikki showed an awkward smile. "It's okay! We all make mistakes." She kissed me on the cheek. Still with that awkward grin on her face.

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