Nikki and Liam are doing better than ever. But when their realationship takes a gigantic step, will they survive the wait? Or will one fall for someone else? Read to find out!


3. Hospital

"Oh my god. Louis." I bent down to see if he was okay. "Louis?"

He lifted his head up, and looked at me. "I think I need to go the the emergency room. I can't feel my legs."

"Okay. Let's go." I struggled to pick him up and put him in the car. He winced when I sat him down. I got in on the other side, and sped down the road. It was completely silent, aside from Louis' whines of pain. I finally spoke up to distract him from the pain. "I'm so so sorry, Louis. I didn't even see you!"

"It's my fault." He caught his breath. "Me and friends were playing chicken. They ran when you hit me." 

"I still should've been paying attention more." It silent again. "We're here." We pulled up to the hospital, and ran straight to the emergency room. I told the doctor what happened, and he got two nurses to put Louis on a stretcher. Louis waved goodbye to me as they pulled him in the back. I sat down in the waiting room, and called Liam. 

"Hello?" His voice sounded like he was working out or something. 

"Hey, it's me. I just hit Louis with my car. He's in the ER. but I'm not leaving yet."

"Oh no. Is the car okay?"

"Liam are you serious? I just hit Louis with my car!! He can't feel his legs! And you don't care?!?"

"I do care, I just don't know him! I do know the car though. And I know it wasn't cheap."

"Is that all you think about? Money? I called you, hoping to hear a 'everything's going to be okay'. Not a 'how's the car?'. Sometimes you can really be a jerk."

"Well, I'm sorry I'm not the perfect fiancé you want me to be."

"I don't want you to be perfect, I just want you to care!"

He got silent for a second. "I do care, Nikki." He sighed, "I have to go. Bye." He hung up. I've never been so mad at him before. 

I took a deep breath, and called my work. "Um...hi. This is Nikki Fields. I can't come to work today."

"Hi this is Kenzie." She laughed through the phone. "Why aren't you coming?"

"I kinda hit Louis with my car....I'm at the ER with him."

"Wow... a lot can happen in a few minutes. Is he going to be okay?"

"I think so. I have to go, bye." I hung up, and the doctor came walking toward me. 

"Are you Mr. Tomlinson's partner?"

" I'm his friend that hit him though. How's he doing?"

"Both of his legs can no longer be used. By the way you hit him, he'll be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life."

I looked down at the ground. "Can I see him?"

The doctor nodded, and led me to Louis' room. Louis was lying down, watching TV. He smiled when he saw me walk in.

"Hey Lou. How are you feeling?" I awkwardly stood next to his hospital bed. 

"Much better. Not any pain in my legs, if you know what I mean." He put his hand on my face.

I couldn't control the tears. "Louis I'm so sorry I did this to you. It's all my fault!"


"I took away your ability to walk! I did this to you!" I sat down on the chair next to his bed, and put my head in my hands. 

"Nikki I know you feel bad, but you shouldn't. I shouldn't have ran out in the middle of the street. You were just driving."

"I'm still so so sorry Lou." 

Louis smiled. I felt a warm hand on my back. I turned around. The hand was Harry's. 

He looked at Louis, and then down at me. "Hey." His voice sounded deep and soft like velvet almost.

"Hi." I smiled at him. have you been?"

"Good....good." He looked straight at me with his deep green eyes. It's hard to not get lost in them. 

Louis cleared his throat, noticing Harry and I staring at each other. "So Harry! Thanks for coming to see me!"

Harry swung his head toward Louis. "Yeah. Somehow Elle found out, and texted me. I'm still confused on how she got my number though..." He laughed. 

"I haven't spoken to Elle in a while. I did tell Kenzie though."

Harry and Louis both rolled their eyes when I said her name. I just remained silent, as did they. It got really awkward really fast.

"Well." Harry grinned. "Can we join you for dinner Lou? It's already 6:15." 

"Sure..." Louis' face looked unsure. 

"Okay then! Nikki and I will go pick up some KFC if that's okay?" 

Louis nodded.

Harry smiled and wrapped his arm around me, leading me out of the hospital. We got out into the parking lot, and Harry started walking toward the subway.

"Harry? I have a car."

"Oh! That makes sense, since you hit Louis. When did you get it?"

"My parents got it for me and Liam since we both have jobs and baby now."


We got in the car. It got pretty weird considering our past together. We didn't even talk until we got in the restaurant. "So Harry... how's school been lately?" We stood in line to get our chicken.

"Boring as hell ever since you left. I seriously wish I could be pregnant just to leave." He laughed.

"Well I didn't get out. I left. I have a baby, a job, and a boyfriend. If you added school, I would literally NEVER have free time."

"I got it. You mind if I go use the restroom?"

"Sure." I moved up to order when Harry left. By the time he came back, I was sitting at one of the tables alone, waiting for him. "What took so long?" 

He came running toward me with a serious look on his face. He stopped in his tracks when he got about 3 feet away from me. He looked around. "Fast food restaurant....let's go in the car." He grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. I jumped in the car, as did he on the other side. 

"Harry what are you doing?"

He looked out every window of the car. "Something I'm never gonna regret." He leaned over the middle console in the car, giving me a huge, wet, kiss. I didn't pull back. He kept kissing me, reaching for my jacket that was on me. "You're not stopping." He said through kisses, his breath heavy. I shook my head no. He put his hands on my waist.

I pulled away when I felt his hands on me. "I can't believe I just did that... Harry we just made out in me and my boyfriend's car!!" I put the food in the backseat and started the engine. 

"But you liked it didn't you?" He said, he trying to catch his breath.

I ignored him as we started driving back to the hospital.

"Come on, Nikki. No one will know. I know you wanna be with me. Let's just give it a shot. I don't care that your with Liam."

"No Harry! I'm engaged to Liam! I made a promise to him saying I'll be with him for the rest of my life."

"No you didn't. That's not until the wedding. He just gave you a ring. Why don't you just try being with me? Liam too. But trust me, you'll end up only wanting to be with me."

"I said no." We drove up to the hospital and got out of the car. We went straight up to Louis' room without saying a word to each other. "Hey Louis!" I walked in his room with a big bag of food. "I hope you're hungry!!"

Louis smiled, taking his food. "Where's Harry?"

"What?" I turned around to see an empty doorway. "I have no clue! He was just behind me!" I got up and looked down the hallway. No Harry. "I'll be right back Lou. Sorry. Your welcome to have my coleslaw!"

I ran down to the lobby, and saw Harry standing at the reception desk. "I'd like to get a room here."

"Why?" The lady asked.

"Suicidal thoughts, I guess."




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