Nikki and Liam are doing better than ever. But when their realationship takes a gigantic step, will they survive the wait? Or will one fall for someone else? Read to find out!


8. Bad luck continues...

"Just slow down." I held Liam's hand as he walked up the stairs to the front porch. He's been really sore since he got out of the hospital. He can barely even walk. And not being able to do something really bothers Liam.

"I got it." He tried to pull away from my grip.

"No Liam, Doctor H said I have to help you."

"Fine." Liam groaned and grabbed my arm again.

"You're back?" My mom came running to the front door.

"Yeah Mom. Liam needs to rest. I hope you didn't sleep in our bed last night. I don't have time to remake the bed."

She quickly shook her head. "No I slept on the couch. I would never sleep in....your...bed."

"Okay then..." I brought Liam in the bedroom and lied him down. 

"Come here." Liam pulled me down next to him on the bed.

"Liam my mom's here. I have to get her to go home. She's been here all night who knows what she did."

Liam nodded and let me go.

I walked back in the living room to find my mom changing Taylor's diaper. "Mom, we have a changing table. You don't have to do that on the carpet."

"Oh. Well can you finish up for me? I think your dad's missing me."


She grabbed her purse and started for the door. "Nikki?" She turned around to face me. "How did this happen?"


"Liam. How did he get shot?"

"Um...Harry...Styles. He just came in the house and shot him....for no reason. He's in prison now though. Everything's okay!" I tried to fake a smile.

"Never forget who the real enemy is Nikki." She shut the door and went straight to her car, not looking back.

That was weird. I finished changing Taylor's diaper and put her down for a nap. Most likely, she didn't sleep at all last night. My mom is a terrible snorer.


"Yeah babe."

I walked into the bedroom to see Liam with tears in his eyes.

"What's wrong?" I ran to his side. He picked up his phone and showed me a message from his mom. "What does this mean Liam?"

"Exactly what it says. What am I gonna do? Even though we aren't that close, I still care about her. I'd do anything for her."

"I'm so sorry." I wrapped my arms around him, getting close to his side. "You know, this might not be the end. More and more people survive breast cancer each year."

"But she's always had bad health."

"Does she know that you got shot?"

"No. And I'm definitely not telling her now. She's really gonna need some relaxation time." He sighed, and kissed my forehead. "I'm going to see her."

"You can't Liam You have to rest for two months."

"But what if these are the last two months of her life? And I use them on myself. I'd feel terrible."

I looked up at him. The look on Liam's face was one I've never seen before. He looked scared. "Okay. But Taylor and I are coming with you. And I'm telling Doctor H too."

"Perfect. Start packing."

"Wait- When do you think we're leaving Liam?"

"Now. I'll buy the tickets right now."

"Tickets? I thought she lived in New York?"

"Ha. Try Vancouver."


I pulled Taylor's socks on her feet while Liam packed her bag. We've never taken Taylor on a trip. Considering she's only 3 months old..I guess that makes sense. But I definitely didn't think her first trip would be out of the country. I was thinking more...Disney World or something.

"Is that it?" Liam zipped up Taylor's bag and started heading outside to put it in the trunk.

"Yes." I turned around and saw Liam struggling to fit the bag in the trunk. We already had five bags in there. "Liam stop! Let me do that!" I started walking toward him, with Taylor in my arms.

"I got it!" He smiled as he shut the trunk. 

I put Taylor in her carseat. "Are you excited?"

She just laughed, having no idea what I said. 

I hopped in the front seat and Liam grabbed my hand. "Liam, I can't drive with one hand." I laughed.

"Oh. Sorry." He laughed back to me. 

"Alright! Off to the airport!"

I heard Taylor laugh from the backseat. Liam laughed too. Every time Taylor laughs or smiles, it makes Liam laugh or smile. "Isn't she adorable Nikki?"

"Yeah." I giggled.

"She gets her good looks from me."

"Shut up."

Liam busted out laughing like it was the funniest joke he's ever heard. "Sorry. I'm just too funny."

"Even when you get shot, your still the same annoying Liam." 

"Yep." He grinned. 


Most of the ride was just Liam and I joking around. That's why I love him. He knows how to take a bad situation and make it better.

"We're here." I pulled up to the airport and started getting the bags out of the car as Liam waited and held Taylor. 

"This is embarrassing."

"What? How? I handed Liam his bag.

"It just looks like I'm making you do all the work."

"Well they'll just have to get over it." We walked into the building, trying to find our gate.

"We only have two minutes until our flight leaves."

"It's fine. We're here."

"I know. I'm just nervous."

"You did tell your mom that we're coming, right?"


"Okay. Then there's nothing to be nervous about."

We exchanged a smile and Taylor giggled.

"Now boarding Flight 173 to Vancouver, Canada." The robotic voice echoed over the airport.

"That's us." Liam took a deep breath before stepping on the plane.

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