Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


9. Chapter 8

Hollis got Dumbledore to finish her classes for the day, she was too angry to teach, she had gone straight down to Snapes quarters and sat down on the couch next to Sirius. Sirius was eating a bowl of porridge, some potatoes, a roll, and some crackers “nice meal” Hollis said “I was hungry” Sirius answered, Hollis grabbed a spoon and started eating is porridge “hey that’s mine” he said “yeah and where did you get it” Hollis replied. Hollis and Sirius sat in silence for a while “why aren’t you teaching right now?” Sirius asked Hollis sighed “you know that pervert kid I was telling you about, well he kissed me” Hollis said, Sirius rolled on the floor laughing “really?” he asked “yes, it was horrifying” Hollis said. She eventually laughed along with him “I guess it is kind of funny, he said I have a nice rack” she said, they were both now laughing hysterically “and that he longed for my touch and my kiss” she continued “that we shared a moment of passion and lust, what an idiot” Sirius was crying from laughing so hard. When Snape walked they both stopped laughing “how was the rest of your day” Hollis asked “your little boyfriend decided to stand up to me in class” he said, Sirius chuckled “not jealous are you Sniv?” Sirius said. Snape just ignored him “yes he said that I need to leave you alone and that you love him and do not love me. He told the whole class of the incident this afternoon and claimed it was you who kissed him. He also thought it was important to point out the fact that I am not in your league and that I should take my ‘greasy pathetic’ self and jump out of the astronomy tower” he said, Sirius lost it, he was howling with laughter “I like this kid” Sirius said. Hollis punched Sirius as hard as she could “shut up Sirius, this is not funny” she said “yes, he told me that I am contaminating you with my horrible personality and that I am going to turn you into a Death Eater” Snape finished “that… complete arse” Hollis said, Sirius was still laughing “I don’t know Sniv, he has a point” Sirius said. Hollis stood up “GET OUT” Hollis yelled “oh yes that’s a good idea, me a mass murderer who is the most wanted man in the wizard world just go strolling around Hogwarts” Sirius said “turn into a dog and go see Lupin, now okay” she said, Sirius huffed but followed her orders.

                Snape poured Hollis a glass of brandy “um no thanks” Hollis said “fine” Snape said, and he drank it “kids are mental” she said. He sat down on the couch and she put her head on his shoulder “you don’t think anyone will believe that I kissed him do you?” she asked, he stroked her hair “only the ones who are complete dunderheaded idiots, yes everyone” he said, she punched him in the shoulder “shut up, but really what do you think?” she asked. Snape sighed and rested his head on hers “it’s definitely possible” he said “shit” she said “would you like to go to Diagon alley with me this weekend?” Snape asked her “like a date” she said cheekily “possibly” he replied. Hollis sat up “can we go to this little shop near diagon alley, it sells hilarious books about what muggles think vampires are like, oh and the way they talk about werewolves, it just ridiculous” she said “of course” he said. Hollis smiled awkwardly “and I have an appointment at St. Mungos Sunday” she said “what for?” Snape asked “just a checkup” she snapped, Snape looked oddly at her “okay” he said. Hollis was getting bored “Sirius is gone” she said, she was sitting on the coffee table in front of him “yes you banished him” he said, Hollis leaned in and pressed her forehead against Snapes “I don’t think you are greasy or pathetic, I think you are a hero with overly silky hair” she said “I am aren’t I” he said, Snape was always sarcastic “you’re a dick” she said. She could feel his breath floating down on her body “why do you swear at me” he asked, Hollis didn’t answer, she kissed him. He tasted like brandy and apples and she tasted like porridge, he was more muscular then he looked with his robes on, he had just the right amount of chest hair, not too much, and not too little, he was perfect. He had strong hands, they were dry and cracked but felt nice on her back and legs, she was covered in goose bumps, just his touch sent electricity through her veins. She could hear him talking, his voice sounded like a million angels singing in perfect harmony, it was becoming harder to breath, she closed her eyes and it was heaven, complete and pure bliss.

                “I'm scarred for life” Sirius yelled when he walked through the door with Lupin at his side “what?” Hollis asked looking at Snape thinking it was him who had spoken, when she saw Sirius she shrieked. Snape sat up and turned around to see Sirius and Lupin standing there looking at him with horrified faces “I will never be the same again” Sirius yelled, Lupin said nothing “Mooney, lead me out of here, I am traumatized” Sirius screamed. Lupin pushed Sirius out the door “s-s-sorry” he said, he slammed the door behind him, Hollis and Snape looked at each other wide eyed, Hollis chuckled “shit” she said. Snape stood up “fuck” he said, Hollis laughed again “I like it when you say that” she said, he started pacing around the room, Hollis threw him his robes “get dressed, I will go obliviate them” she said. Hollis pulled her robes back on and went to go find them, she was walking through the halls when she saw through a tiny crack of the door Lucius talking to Draco. Hollis pushed her ear to the door “listen Draco, this is what you are to say” Lucius began “dad, why do I have to go and find her” Draco whined “no you know I am not allowed to be here, get her and bring her here, now” Lucius replied “fine”. Hollis chuckled ‘good old Lucy’ she thought, she pushed open the door “well hello Mr. Rule-breaker” Hollis said “Hollis, yes hello” he said “hey Draco, don’t believe that idiot boy Jason, he is a lying arse” she said “I know” Draco said. Lucius smiled evilly at Hollis “leave Draco” he said “why?” he asked Lucius smacked his bottom “none of your business, now go”.

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