Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


5. Chapter 4

                Hollis smiled upon the students from the staff table at the front of the great hall, she was officially the DADA professor at Hogwarts, she felt amazing. She looked at Ginny, and the rest of her family, George and Fred waved like idiots and Ginny and Ron shyly waved, Hollis laughed “they look embarrassed of you” Sprout said. Sprout could be a right prat when she wanted to, sometimes you would forget she was a Hufflepuff “they aren’t embarrassed of me, they are embarrassed that one of their family members will be teaching here. How would you feel if your sister was your teacher, it would be weird and embarrassing” Hollis said “well you aren’t their sister are you Miss. Black” Sprout said, Hollis clenched her fists “listen Pomona, I would stop talking if I were you I have some friends who wouldn’t mind…” Hollis started, Snape elbowed her in the ribs “um… wouldn’t mind telling you that though I may not be blood related I feel like I am part of the family and so do they” Hollis said and then turned back to her meal. Snape looked at Hollis “and what would your friends have done?” Snape said “you can’t go around threatening people with your ‘friends’ do you want to get thrown in Azkaban” Hollis glared at him “okay, okay but did you hear what she said, she said I wasn’t part of their family but I am” Hollis said. She looked down at her brothers and sister and she welled up with tears “they are my family, I love them and they love me, they will always be my family”.

                Hollis’ first classes went by fairly quickly and easily, it wasn’t until Ron and his friend’s class that there was a tiny incident. Hollis was quite an attractive woman and some of the boys in her classes seemed to have a little crush on her, Ron’s friend Harry seemed to have taken a liking to Hollis even though Hollis didn’t like him in the slightest, she found him annoying and arrogant. There was this one Slytherin boy, one of her nephew Draco's friend who had also seemed to be entranced by Hollis’ beauty “isn’t she hot” she heard him say to Draco, Draco elbowed the boy in the stomach “she is my aunt fuckwit” Draco said. Hollis laughed to herself “language Draco” she said, both the boys blushed “sorry Holl… um Professor Black” her little nephew said, Ron was laughing “and why is this funny Ron, I know you use worse language then that, you called me a… what was it now… a fucking bastard who can go bloody fuck themselves” she said. Everyone in the class snickered when she said the f word, Ron turned bright red “um… that was different, you were seven” Hollis laughed and then went back to teaching. She heard a few boys and a girl whispering about how ‘sexy’ Hollis was, it made her feel like a celebrity. The rest of that week’s classes were boring, she mostly spent them getting to know the students, she had memorised every students name and was quite proud of herself.

                Hollis took off her robes and lay down on Snapes couch, she loved the way the cold leather felt on her half naked body, she started humming the American nation anthem, she didn’t know why it was stuck in her head but it was. Hollis lay there for over an hour before Snape got there, Hollis was asleep when he arrived he was sprawled out on the couch in a very awkwardly revealing position. Snape walked in talking to someone behind him “I can’t believe them” the man behind Severus said “letting a werewolf teach at this school” Hollis was sound asleep and didn’t hear anything. Snape looked horrified when he noticed Hollis, he turned bright red “well Severus, you naughty boy” the other man said, it was Lucius Malfoy her sister’s husband, Lucius was smirking “get out” Snape yelled. Hollis sat up slowly, she had heard Snape yell, Hollis rubbed her eyes “Lucy?” she said “hello Hollis” he said, she reached to grab something out of her pocket then realised she wasn’t wearing anything “get out I am naked” Hollis yelled, Lucius laughed and left “what the fuck, why was he here” Hollis said as she wrapped herself up in her clothes “why were you naked” Snape smiled cheekily “shut up, I was warm and I am nervous about getting Sirius tomorrow” she said.

                Hollis walked into his room and threw on one of her most attractive night gowns, she walked back out into the kitchen, opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. She took one of the glasses for herself and sat down on the floor “why the hell was Lucy here” she asked “Lupin works here now” Snape said, he looked angry “he can’t, he is a werewolf, it would be too dangerous to have him here” Hollis said. Snape took his glass of wine and drank it down “he is the new Alchemy teacher” he said, Hollis looked at him excitedly “do you think he could help us?” she asked, Snape looked confused “with what?” he asked “getting Sirius, weren’t they best friends” she jumped up “where is he?”. Snape rolled his eyes at her “his classroom” he said, Hollis ran out the door “clothes” Snape said but she was already gone. Her night gown was low cut, very short, and slightly see-threw, she heard gasps as she ran by the students ‘what the hell is wrong with them’ she thought, she glared at them and continued running. She passed a group of sixth year boys “foxy” one of them yelled, Hollis stopped and looked at him “excuse me?” she said, she marched up to him “I am your professor”. All the boys laughed “right sorry” the boy who yelled at her said, he had an annoying little smirk on his face but Hollis was too excited to ask Lupin for help that she just let it go.

                Hollis threw open the door to Lupin’s class “Remus” she said, she had been on good terms with Lupin, they had dated for about a month when Hollis was in her last year at Hogwarts. She held his shoulders “you look good” she said, Lupin had the same face as the kids in the hallway “is there something wrong with me, do I have paint on my face or something?” she asked. Lupin chuckled “you are in your night gown” he said, Hollis’ eyes went wide “oh shit” she said “hey here” Lupin said, he handed her his over robes “thanks” she said. They just looked at each other for a while “will you help me break out Sirius” she said, Lupin looked outraged “that bastard betrayed Lily and James” he said, Hollis stroked his cheek “it was Peter, Peter betrayed them” she said. Lupin's eyes went as wide as they could possibly go, he mumbled and then threw himself into Hollis’ arms “are you sure?” he asked “absolutely” she replied, Lupin started crying “I’ll help” he said “I believe you, I knew it couldn’t have been Sirius, he was a good man” Lupin said “we are going tomorrow, me and Severus” she said. Lupin looked even more shocked then when she had told him about Peter “Snape is going with you to help Sirius” he said “yes, he is a good man too you know” she said “but help Sirius, it’s impossible” Hollis laughed “nothing is impossible Remus”.


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