Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


33. Chapter 32

                Hollis held Odette in one arm and Edarra in the other, she walked down the drive to Andy’s house, she kicked the door lightly. Andy opened the door “Holly” she said, Hollis walked in and placed the babies on the couch “can you watch them tonight, me and Severus have to do something important” Hollis said, Andy looked suspiciously at her “no, and I am sure Dora would love to help” Andy replied. Hollis smiled and left, she apperated into her and Snapes quarters, she took a drink of whiskey “okay, let’s go get a child killed” she said, she and Snape walked up the stairs into the great hall and sat down for dinner. Hollis had planted a potion in Harry’s juice that made him have verbal diarrhea, she watched as Harry drank down the juice, his face turned red, he stood on the table and started shouting “Malfoy you are a prick, Snape you are a greasy fuckwit” he said. Hollis was trying not to laugh “Mr. Potter” she exclaimed, McGonagall was gone sick so the Gryffindor's could be severely punished by anyone, Hollis walked up and dragged Harry out of the great hall by his ear. Harry was crying “I am so sorry” he said, Hollis patted his head “I’m not mad, come with me” she said, she led Harry down to the dungeons. There was a room  that was never used, she brought him in there, Harry fell to the floor clenching his forehead the second she shut the door behind them, Hollis flicked her wand and on went some torches.

                Hollis was fidgeting nervously, the dark lord was talking to Harry, pointing his wand at his throat, then Snape walked in “sorry I am late” he said. Harry looked over to them, crying, he had blood dripping down his arms, Hollis took Snapes hand, it was odd looking at her brothers best friend being slashed. The dark lord brought Harry over to Hollis, he put him in her arms “I thought you were nice, I liked you, you were Ron's cooler older sister” Harry said, Hollis wanted to cry. The dark lord laughed “tell him Hollis, tell him who you really are” he said “tell him who you have killed, tell him everything” Hollis looked was covered in Harry’s blood “I killed people Harry, lots of people” she said “tell him who” the dark lord laughed, Hollis was crying “I killed your father, while the dark lord came to kill you, I killed Hermione’s mum, I killed Neville's father” she said. Hollis dropped Harry “Avada Kedavra” Hollis yelled pointing her wand at Voldemort, Voldemort blocked it “well, looks like I was right, you are a traitor” he said. Voldemort raised his wand to her “Avada Kedavra” two voices yelled, a bolt of light shot from Snape and Lucius’ wand hitting Voldemort in the back, Voldemort fell over dead. Harry stood up and ran into the corner “obliviate” Hollis said, pointing her wand at him, Harry blinked, he couldn’t remember the last few hours. 

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