Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


31. Chapter 30

                Hollis was huge, too huge to hobble around the school and teach, she was going to have the babies in exactly one month. Dumbledore was covering her classes, Hollis spent most of her time sitting on the couch, eating and crying, she was still mourning Sirius, she missed him. Her mum had come to stay with her and Snape, it was extremely awkward because her mum wasn’t completely pleased with Hollis and Snape being together. Hollis had been trying to think of names for the girls but it was harder than one would think, she and Snape couldn’t agree on anything, they were fighting all the time. Her brothers, sister, and their friends would come to visit once and a while, as would Narcissa, Lucius, and sometimes Draco. Lucius and Hollis had been owling back and forth, talking about things that they probably shouldn’t be, Hollis had gotten one of the house elves, Moppy, to bring his letters straight to her and not to Snape or her mum. Hollis was lying on the couch when she had a pain in her stomach “mum” she said, her mum rushed over to her “what’s wrong?” her mum asked “it hurts Hollis replied. Hollis sat up, water ran down from her legs “fuck” she said, her mum jumped up and down, she ran out of the room and came back a minute later with Snape, and Poppy “it’s time” Poppy said.

                Hollis lay on the couch crying and holding her two baby girls, Odette, and Edarra, they were beautiful, Odette had a green left eye and a blue right eye, and Edarra had a green right eye and a blue left eye. Hollis handed Odette to Snape, he smiled as he rocked his daughter back and forth in his arms, they had named them after Snapes aunts, the only two family members that were nice, kind, and loving towards him. Soon everyone was there, Dumbledore, the Malfoys, Andy, Dora, Teddy, Hagrid, McGonagall, everyone, Hollis had changed into her pajamas and was sitting in an arm chair. Ginny was holding Edarra “oh Holly, she is so cute” she said, Hollis smiled “yes” Hollis said, she smiled as she watched everyone fussing over her children. Ginny brought Edarra over to Hollis and called Snape over, Ginny was holding a camera that she had taken from Collin Creevy “smile” she said. Ginny took the picture, fanned it out and handed it to them, it was beautiful, Snape and Hollis looked so happy, and the babies looked so beautiful, it was the perfect picture.  

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