Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


30. Chapter 29

                Hollis picked the box up off of the table, and walked through the tunnel to Sirius’ house, with Snape at her side. Sirius was sitting on the couch, Hollis took a deep breath “Sirius, I want you to talk to Severus” she said, she was holding the box tightly in her hands, Sirius stood up and walked over to Hollis “what are you doing?” he whispered, Hollis was trying to hold back tears “just tell him how you feel” she said. Sirius could tell she meant business so he walked up to Snape, he had never felt more nervous in his life “well um…” Sirius began, Snape looked over to Hollis, she nodded her head. Sirius took a deep breath “well, um Snivellus, I am, well, sorry, and…” Sirius began, Snape just wanted to get this over with, he leaned in and kissed him. Sirius got quite into it, they stood there for almost 30 seconds, Hollis opened the box “evigilare faciatis dilectam, et ministra mihi donec veniat” she said, there was a tornado of red and black sand around them. The tornado came to a stop, the dust settled, in the middle of the room stood Snape next to a tigerish looking cat with deep red fur and black hairless patches, and on the floor lay Sirius’ body.

                Hollis nodded at the giant cat, it turned back into a beetle and scurried back into the box, Hollis went and sat next to Sirius’ body, she wasn’t crying, she didn’t feel said. She looked up at Snape “I’m not sad” she said, Snape looked confusedly at her, then looked back to Sirius “well what now?” Hollis asked. She was used to killing people and leaving them there but she couldn’t just leave Sirius, they had to bury him, Snape helped Hollis carry his body back into their quarters. They put him on the couch “we must bring him to the dark lord” Snape said, Hollis started crying “I killed him, I killed Sirius” she said, Snape hugged her “it was for the good of our daughters, if you hadn’t killed him, the dark lord would have killed you” he said. Hollis and Snape held on to Sirius, and apperated into Malfoy manor, Lucius greeted them “Severus, Hollis, Sirius” he said, laughing, Hollis clenched her fists “yes, we have brought him here for the dark lord” she said. Snape waved his wand and levitated Sirius behind him, they walked into a dark room, sitting in the corner was the basket with the tiny lord Voldemort in it. Rabastan turned the basket around so it was facing them “well done my dear” the dark lord said “thank you my lord” Hollis replied “I am sorry to have doubted you, you may leave” he said.


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