Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


29. Chapter 28

                When Hollis got back Snape was sitting on the couch fiddling with a box, Hollis snuck up behind him “what’s in the box?” she asked, Snape jumped, throwing the box in the air. Hollis caught it, it was the box Narcissa and Lucius had given her for her birthday “why do you have this?” she asked, Snape looked sad “we must kill Sirius” he said. Hollis sat down and put the box on the table “we can’t kill Sirius” she said, Snape rubbed her back “I may despise the mutt but I do not want to kill him either” he said “why do we have to kill him?” she asked. Snape shook his head “the dark lord demands it, he does not believe that you are true to him, we must obey him, we must kill Sirius” he said, Hollis started crying “why can’t Lucy or Narcissa kill him, why do we have to, I can’t kill him, I won’t do it” she said, Snape looked sympathetically at her “it must be you that kills Sirius” he said pointing at the box. Hollis didn’t say anything, she picked the box up off the table and rolled it around in her hands “I will do it, if you think it will be the best thing for the future safety of our children” she said.

                Hollis had planned to kill Sirius that Friday, she had been avoiding him, trying to distance herself so killing him wouldn’t hurt her as much. When Friday came Hollis was ready, she had killed people before, and that wasn’t a big deal. Hollis had decided that she would make Snape kiss Sirius before she killed him, she wanted Sirius to die happy, and from the letters she knew how much he loved him, Hollis hadn’t told Snape this part yet. After classes Hollis ran down to get Snape and then walk over and kill Sirius, Snape was drinking whiskey in the kitchen “are you ready?” he asked. Hollis took a deep breath and walked over “listen I need you to kiss Sirius” she said, Snape choked “what?” he said, Hollis sighed “he loves you, and if you kiss him he will die happy” she said. Snape stood there staring at Hollis “you must be sick, he mutt loves me” he said, Hollis nodded “fine, if it is what you want” he said, Hollis hugged him “thanks” she said.

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