Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


24. Chapter 23

The next morning Hollis and Snape had a few hours before they had to go back to Hogwarts, Hollis had been lying about the reason she wanted to come to Ireland. The real reason she chose Ireland is because that is where her friend Lex was hiding out, he had broken out of Azkaban three years ago and was constantly on the run, he had owled her around Christmas telling her that he would be in Ireland for a few months and that she should come visit him. Hollis was so happy when he owled her, she thought he was dead, Hollis didn’t how to tell Snape what she was going to do, Snape and Lex didn’t like each other, in fact they hated each other. Hollis decided she would soften him up with his favorite foods before telling him, she woke him up with a kiss “good morning” Hollis said, Snape yawned and got out of bed. Hollis handed him his clean clothes and poured him a glass of juice “sit down, relax” she said, Snape looked at her curiously “what is it you want?” he asked, Hollis pretended to have no idea what he meant “nothing why?” Hollis asked. Snape rolled his eyes “because you made my favorite breakfast and I can tell when you want something” he said, Hollis smiled awkwardly “well, remember Lex, you know, my friend Lex, well he owled me and I am going to meet him in an hour in town, you should come” Hollis said. Snape sighed “yes, I remember Alexander” he said “Lex” Hollis corrected “I thought he was dead” Snape said, Hollis took a drink of her water “so did I, well anyways, are you going to come?” she asked, he nodded “fine”.

                Hollis and Snape met Lex at a bar called ‘Grubby’s’, Lex was sitting at the bar drinking a glass of whiskey, Hollis ran up and hugged him. It surprised Lex, he jumped up and pointed his wand at her “calm down” Hollis laughed “holly” he said, he gave her a big hug, he looked at her “your pregnant” he said, Hollis smiled “yep twin girls” she said. Lex smiled “who’s he daddy?” he asked, Hollis walked over and got Snape “him” she said, Lex glared at Snape “you” he said, Snape smirked, Lex had always had a crush on Hollis “yes” Snape said, Lex fake smiled “well congratulations Snape” he said. Lex bought Hollis and Snape drinks, Hollis got a water, and Snape got a whiskey “so Lex, where have you been, what have you been doing?” Hollis asked, Lex looked at her as if she were an idiot “looking for the dark lord” he said, Hollis quickly grabbed Snapes hand, the very sound of the words ‘the dark lord’ made her anxious “any progress” Snape asked. Lex started smiling evilly “yes, that is why I owled you” he said, Hollis squeezed Snapes hand harder “you didn’t…” Hollis said, Lex smiled “he is in poor condition, he is in staying in a cave with Rodolphus and I” he said. Hollis’ jaw dropped “you’re not serious” she said “I am, he wants to see you both, Lucius and Narcissa are coming as well” Lex said, Hollis looked like she was about to burst out in tears. Lex patted her shoulder “I know, I couldn’t believe it when I found them” he said “so he is definitely back” Hollis asked, Lex smiled even wider “yes, and he can’t wait to see you”. 

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