Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


23. Chapter 22

            Hollis didn’t have to worry about finding someone to teach her classes for her because Dumbledore had taken them over after the whole ‘punch’ incident. He told her that once Hollis apologized to Hooch, which Hollis refused to do, she probably wouldn’t be able to control herself when she was near Hooch, she would probably end up punching her again. The next morning they had to wake up at 3:00am for their port key, the port key was in the middle of a field outside of Hogsmeade, they stopped at the hogshead for a quick bite to eat. Their port key was an old car tire, the port key took them to a town called Warner city, every building was either an apartment building or a hotel. Hollis smiled when they got there “okay well we are staying at the Saxon hotel” Hollis said, Hollis looked around for it, it was the fanciest hotel in the town “nice isn’t it” Hollis bragged, Snape nudged her, she smiled and they walked to into the hotel.

            The hotel was gorgeous, lights hung from the ceiling, the walls were gold, and the man behind the desk was dressed in a silver suit. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Black” the man at the front desk “Um… I am Miss. Black, and he is Mr. Snape” Hollis corrected, the man smiled “oh I am so sorry, I am Phillip, you are in room 396 here is your key” he said. Snape took the key from the man “thank you” Snape said, the fairy bowed, Hollis smiled back at the fairy as they walked over to the elevators. Hollis looked up at the elevator “it looks just like the one at the ministry” Hollis said as she and Snape stepped inside, the elevator was much slower than the one at the ministry “why is it so slow?” Snape asked, Hollis smiled “this is a muggle hotel” she said. Snape nodded “yes muggles are quite slow” he said, they both chuckled, the elevator stopped and a muggle got on. The muggle was short and fat “howdy” he said “hi” Hollis replied, the man looked up and down at Hollis ‘so are ya stayin’ here alone?” he asked, he had an American accent. Hollis laughed “no, I am here with my boyfriend” Hollis said, the man looked at Snape and didn’t even imagine that he was her boyfriend “well if you ever need a break from your boyfriend I’m in room 283, I’m Travis” the man said. Hollis looked at Snape, he looked very mad “I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate that” Hollis said, wrapping her arm around Snape. Hollis was holding back giggles. The man looked like he was going to wet himself “sorry” he mumbled and then looked away.

            When Hollis and Snape got to their room Hollis started laughing like an idiot “what a moron” Hollis said, Snape didn’t think the situation was as funny as she did “yes, he is quite the disgusting disgrace of a man” he said. Hollis punched his arm “come on, it was a little funny” she said, Snape rolled his eyes at her “I can see how most would find it humorous” he said. Hollis and Snape lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, they were both tired from waking up so early “wow this bed is soft” Hollis said as she snuggled under the covers “indeed” Snape replied. Hollis put her head on Snape’s chest and fell asleep “wake me up in an hour” she said, Snape fell asleep shortly after she did. When they woke up it was almost night “I haven’t slept that well in months” Hollis said, Snape looked different than usual, he looked well rested “yes, this bed is incredibly comfortable” he said. Hollis and Snape got out of bed, they were still in their clothing, and went downstairs to the restaurant.

            The restaurant was practically empty except for a few other couples and the man from the elevator “yes, Mr. and Mrs. Black” the waiter said. Hollis rolled her eyes “he is Snape, I am Black” she said, the waiter smiled, he had a thick Irish accent “here is your table” he said. Their table was next to a large window with pale green curtains “and what can I get for you this evening” the waiter asked, Hollis chuckled, she liked being waited on “well I will have-” Hollis began flipping through the menu “um… I will have chicken strips please” she said. The waiter smiled “chicken strips” he repeated “yes” Hollis said looking at the man confusedly “yes and I will have the same” Snape said, the waiter looked oddly at the two adults ordering chicken strips for dinner. Hollis watched him walk away “was he acting weird, or is it just some weird muggle thing?” Hollis asked, Snape shrugged “probably a muggle thing” he said. Five minutes later the waiter came back with two plates of chicken strips “thanks” Hollis said as she picked up a piece of chicken and took a large bite. She ate all four big chicken strips in under three minutes “I was hungry” she said, Snape chuckled “I can see that” he said, he hadn’t even finished one of his chicken strips.

            When Snape had finally finished his dinner Hollis suggested that they go swimming in the outdoor pool, she knew this was a bad idea because it was January, but she wanted to swim. It took a lot of persuading to get Snape to go swimming with her, but he ended up having a good time because they were the only ones in the pool. After the swim Hollis and Snape ran up to their rooms because they were freezing, Hollis got in the room, whipped her bathing suit off and jumped under the covers. Hollis looked over at Snape who was drying his hair with a towel “just put it in a pony tail or something, it isn’t a fashion show” she said, he laughed “yes, because I would enter a talent show” he replied. Hollis laughed, she imagined Snape walking down a runway in his swim shorts “I would definitely want to see that” Hollis said, Snape threw his hair drying towel at her “well you never will” he said.  

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