Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


22. Chapter 21

            Hollis walked around the room ‘when will he get here’ she thought, next minute he was there, her old head of house Horace Slughorn. Hollis had been one of Slughorn’s favorite students “Sluggy” Hollis said giving him a hug “I came as soon as I could, what is it?” he asked. Hollis smiled “well it is Severus’ birthday tomorrow and I was hoping that maybe you could cover his classes for him” Hollis said, Slughorn frowned “please Horace, for me” she said, Slughorn hugged her “anything for my favorite” he said. Hollis got Slughorn a glass of whiskey “so how have you been?” Hollis asked, Slughorn drank down the whole glass “I’m well, and how are you?” he asked “well pregnant” Hollis said. Slughorn laughed “yes I see that, who’s the father?” he asked, Hollis sighed, did no one believe that Hollis was actually faithful to Snape, besides that one incident with Lucy, and that she actually did love him “Severus’, who else’s would it be” she said. Slughorn looked like everyone else did when she told them, slightly congratulatory, and slightly disgusted “congratulations” he said “yes, its twin girls, I am due in June” Hollis said, Slughorn looked like he was holding in a fart “how nice” he said.

            Snape was shocked to see Slughorn sitting in his living room “Hello Severus” Slughorn said “what is he doing here” Snape asked Hollis. Hollis laughed “excuse us” Hollis said as she pushed Snape into the hallway “he is going to take over for you tomorrow while we go to Ireland” she said. Snape looked confused “what are you talking about?” he asked, Hollis put her hands behind his neck “well, tomorrow is your birthday and I thought we could go on a little trip” she said. He put his hands on her hips “yes, well why Ireland?” he asked, Hollis smiled “well, it is far away from everyone, and I just like it” she said “very well, it sounds lovely” he said. They walked back in to see Slughorn, Hollis had sent Sirius into the bathroom, he was spending most of his time in there these days “thank you Horace” Snape said “no problem my dear boy” Slughorn said. Snape got himself a drink, and got Hollis a glass of water “thanks” Hollis said, Hollis, Slughorn and Snape sat in silence for a while “can I come out now” Sirius yelled from inside the bathroom. Slughorn stood up “what was that?” he asked, Snape and Hollis looked at each other “no house elf, stay in the bathroom” Hollis yelled back, Sirius being the idiot he was didn’t understand what she was doing “what the hell are you talking about” he yelled “shut up filthy house elf” Snape yelled. Sirius finally picked up on what they were doing and shut up. Slughorn looked at the bathroom and then looked back to Snape and Hollis “what a strange sounding house elf” Slughorn said, Hollis and Snape sighed “yes, he is very odd” she said.     

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