Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


21. Chapter 20

                It was the first day of second term and everyone knew that Hollis was pregnant, Hollis was sitting in between Snape and Hooch at the staff table at the front of the great hall “congratulations” Hooch said. Hollis smiled “thanks” Hollis said “so is it a girl or a boy” Hooch asked “twin girls” Hollis replied. All of the staff looked at her and Snape “twins?” Hooch said “yes Rolanda, twins” Snape said, Hooch was smirking “you two with two babies, I can’t believe it” she said. Hollis frowned “why is that so unbelievable Rolanda” Hollis said, Hooch chuckled “well it’s just you are sort of… and he is… well you know” she said. Hollis looked at Snape with a do-i-have-your-permission-to-punch-her face “we are so what, Rolanda” Hollis said, Hooch smirked “well… you know… Death Eaters” she said, Hollis cracked her knuckles “what makes you think I am a Death Eater?” Hollis asked. Hooch rolled her eyes at Hollis “well let’s see” Hooch said, reaching for Hollis’ left sleeve, Hollis jumped up “what are you doing” Hollis yelled, the staff looked at Hooch with disgust “Listen Hooch” Hollis said. Hooch laughed “see… proof” she said, Hollis clenched her fists “If you aren’t a Death Eater then why don’t you let us see your arm” Hooch continued “I don’t see why Dumbledore let’s Death Eaters teach at this school, personally I think it is disgusting that you and him are even allowed near this school” she said. Hollis bit her lip, and swung at Hooch, hitting her in the jaw, there was a sea of ooh and aahs from the children in the great hall “Hollis” Hooch yelled “don’t you ever say anything like that again Rolanda, you have no right to judge me” Hollis said. Snape was laughing in his head, he had heard Rolanda ranting on about how she wanted him out of this school, as well as all of the Slytherins “I think we must be going” Snape said, taking Hollis’ hand and taking her out of the great hall and down to his quarters.

                “Did you hear what she said” Hollis yelled “I’ll kill her” Snape sat her down and stroked her hair “she is an idiot” he said. Hollis started crying into his shoulder “no, she isn’t, she is a Ravenclaw, she is smart” she said “she may have been a Ravenclaw, but you were a Slytherin, and now you are the least Slytherin person I know” he said. Hollis kissed him “you’re right, and Hooch is just a lonely old bag with no friends” she said, Snape laughed “you sound like a ten year old” he said, Hollis laughed “yeah, yeah, yeah”. Snape laughed “that was a hard punch” he said, Hollis smiled “yeah, so you better not mess with me” she joked “never” he said, he kissed her cheek. Hollis and Snape lay down snuggling on the couch, Hollis rubbed her belly “this is so weird” she said “what is?” he asked, Hollis smiled up at him “having two living beings inside of my stomach” she said. He put his hand on her stomach “so, I determined when I will probably have the babies” Hollis said, he rubbed her belly “yes” he said, Hollis smiled “yeah, it will be around May or June” she said. She put her hand in his and they lay there for a while, it was weird, they were both so happy, Snape was excited to see the faces of his daughters, to hold them in his arms, he loved that he was going to be a father. He was determined to be the exact opposite of his father, his father was abusive and cruel, Snape was going to be loving, yet strict, yet easy going, he was going to be the picture perfect dad.

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