Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


19. Chapter 18

            St. Mungos was full of people “I would have thought they would be less busy today” Hollis said, Snape nodded. Hollis walked up to the front desk “I would like to see doctor Alan Burns please” Hollis said, the lady at the front desk tapped her wand weirdly on the desk “yes he will see you, go wait in room 02” the lady at the desk said. Hollis and Snape walked in and sat down “now we can stop calling it, it” Hollis said, Snape smiled and held her hand. It was at least an hour before the doctor came to see them “finally” Hollis said, the doctor smiled “ah yes you, miss shut up and get out of my face” the doctor said, Hollis frowned at him “that’s not very nice” she said. He rolled his eyes at her “now why did you come here, is something wrong?” the doctor asked “no, I just want to know the gender of my baby” Hollis said “very well, sit still” he said. The doctor waved his wand around her stomach, when he stopped he started laughing “what’s so funny?” Snape asked, the doctor laughed harder then stopped “just imagining you chasing around two little girls” the doctor said. Hollis and Snape froze “what?” Hollis said “yes, you are having two girls” he said “holy shit” Hollis said “indeed” Snape said “well thanks Dr. Burns” Hollis said.

            Hollis and Snape were greeted by a worried Mrs. Weasley “where did you go” she demanded “doctors” Hollis said, her dad looked at Snape angrily “what did you do?” he yelled. Hollis glared at her dad “he didn’t do anything” she said “then why were you at the doctors?” Narcissa asked, Hollis rolled her eyes “twin girls” Snape said. Everyone looked at him, Hollis could tell he was happy because he wasn’t glaring at anyone “nice” Fred and George said in unison “just imagine Fred, a girl version of us” George said, Fred smiled “yes, we can be their mentors, they can continue the Fred and George twin legacy” Fred said. Hollis smiled “yeah, now we just need to find names” Hollis said “how about Frederica and Georgia” Fred suggested, Hollis laughed “yes those sound like delightful names” Snape said, Fred patted him on the back “I always knew you were secretly a fun guy” he said Hollis and Snape laughed “yes, he is a ‘fun guy’” Hollis said. They spent the rest of the day looking and playing with their new presents, Draco had gotten over a hundred gifts from his father and mother, and Ginny was having fun talking to the house elf. The adults were telling Snape and Hollis all their good and bad memories with their children, their stories were enough to turn anyone off parenting.

            It turned out that everyone got along, Lucius and Mr. Weasley barley fought, mostly because they avoided each other, but it worked, Draco, Ron, and Harry were having fun talking about quidditch and other things teenage wizards talk about. At dinner Hollis sat across from Lucius “did you like you gift Lucy?” Hollis asked, smiling evilly, Lucius choked “yes, loved it” he said, Hollis chuckled in her head. They had a huge feast with everything from roast beef to herring to stew to eggs, they had everything you could think of, and the desert was beyond amazing. Dinner was filled with tales of their Hogwarts years and some of their less death eaterish adulthood, Narcissa and Mrs. Weasley had gotten very drunk and started singing to each other, they were singing love songs, which made everyone laugh. They even stood on the table together and sang ‘oh holy night’, and they were not great singers, it was torture, Hollis had gotten a camera from Bill so she took lots of pictures of them so that they could remember this forever.    

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