Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


18. Chapter 17

            “Holly wake up” Ginny yelled Hollis rolled over “Christmas” she yelled “okay, okay” Hollis said, Hollis punched Snape “you have to get up too” Hollis said. Ginny ran downstairs to wait for them, Hollis and Snape walked downstairs to find that everyone was already awake “Merry Christmas” everyone said practically in unison. Hollis smiled at them “back at you” she said “yes Merry Christmas” Snape said extremely awkwardly. They started off by the kids, and Hollis opening their presents first, Hollis got a Weasley jumper, hers was blue and light blue “thanks mum” Hollis said, Hollis mostly got books but Fred and George got her joke stuff, some stuff they had made themselves. Before long the Malfoys arrived “Merry Christmas” they said though none of them looked very merry, Draco went and sat next to Ron and Harry to start bickering and talking about presents, if they weren’t worst enemies they would get on quite well. Lucy went and sat next to Snape and Narcissa sat next to Hollis, Hollis gave them their presents and they gave Hollis her presents, and, on Hollis’ orders the Weasleys got the Malfoys a gift and the Malfoys gave the Weasleys a gift. Hollis had already looked at the Malfoys gift to make sure that nothing would jump out of it and kill them, the Malfoys got the Weasleys a house elf named Gumby, and the Weasleys got the Malfoys a clock like they had, except with the Malfoys on it. They both actually liked their gifts and were very generous with the thankyou’s, everyone loved their gifts, and Gumby was actually quite a nice house elf.

            Finally the time came for Hollis to give her mum her present, she had added a worlds best grandpa ornament for her dad. Hollis looked at Snape, he looked just as nervous as her, Hollis got the little white box from her pocket and handed it to them “it’s for both of you” Hollis said. Hollis felt like she was going to explode, everyone was watching Mrs. Weasley open the gift “oh Hollis they are lovely” her dad said, her mum nudged her dad and they both stared at the box for a while. They were both crying, they ran over and gave her a hug “your parents are weird” Draco said to Ron, Hollis was crying too “well what is so sad?” Ginny asked. Hollis, and her mum and dad laughed, her mum handed Ginny the box, Ginny looked at it “tree ornaments” she said dangling the two ornaments in front of her face. Hollis smiled “read them” she said, Ginny read them “I don’t get it?” Ginny said, then she realized “holy fuck” Ginny yelled “language” her dad said. Now everyone seemed to be intrigued, Ron picked up the ornaments and read them “you slut” he said, Hollis turned bright red “wait until marriage” he said “good example, now I am going to have a death eater nephew… great” he said. Everyone looked at Hollis “I’m pregnant” she said, she was covered in a shower of congratulations from the adults and a bunch of bad words from the kids, Fred and George weren’t mad or disgusted as Hollis thought they would be, no they were excited.

            After a few hours of contemplating things Ginny and Ron came around to the idea of Hollis having a baby “Is it a girl?” Ginny asked. Hollis froze “I don’t know” Hollis said, she hadn’t even contemplated the idea of it being a girl, she knew she could find out from the doctor, she ran up to Snape “let’s go to the doctor tomorrow” she said. Snape looked worried “are you okay?” he asked, Hollis smiled “yeah, I just want to find out if it is a girl or boy” Hollis said, Snape hugged her “how about now?” he asked. Hollis looked shocked “now?” she asked “yes” he answered, Hollis didn’t take a second thought “grab can you grab my coat?” she asked, he grabbed her coat and she threw it on “we will be back” Hollis yelled and she and Snape apperated outside of St. Mungos.    

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