Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


14. Chapter 13

                Hollis and Snape agreed that they wouldn’t tell anyone yet, a few weeks went by without anything exciting happening, only a few melt downs here and a few break downs there. Hollis would randomly break down in the middle of her classes, mostly her first year classes, seeing all the kids made her think about what her kid might be like. It was a few days before Christmas break and Hollis was teaching a group of fifth year Slytherins and Gryffindors “can anyone tell me the spell needed to repel dementors” Hollis asked, Jason threw his hands in the air “yes Mr. Antipova” Hollis said. It ended up that Snape was right about the students believing what Jason had told them, so everyone would laugh whenever Hollis would talk to him or whenever he would ask a question. Jason still acted like a complete prat around her and would talk in a trying-to-sound-sexy voice “riddikulus” Jason answered “correct” Hollis said, Hollis assigned the students to write an essay on a moment in history when what they were learning would have come in handy.

                Hollis was showing quite a bit but it just looked like she had gained about 15 pounds, her mum had pointed it out to her when she had gone to visit her over the weekend. Hollis was excited for Christmas, she was excited to see all her family together again and to see Lucy and her Dad bicker, she found it hilarious. Soon class was over and Hollis walked back to Snapes quarters, she needed to talk to Sirius about what he would be doing for Christmas, he could hardly go with Hollis to the Burrow or the Manor. Hollis walked in, Sirius was lying on the couch humming “did you talk to Lupin” Hollis asked him, Sirius sat up “yeah, he said I could spend the holiday with him” Sirius said “oh that’s great” Hollis said. Hollis went to the kitchen and got a big bowl of left over stew “and you wonder why you are getting so fat” Sirius said, Hollis walked over and punched him “you don’t call a woman fat” she said. Snape walked in with Lucius Malfoy at his side “listen Lucius, I cannot help you” Snape said “dog” Hollis yelled, Sirius quickly turned into his animagus form “I didn’t know you have a dog” Lucius said. Lucius was smiling seductively at Hollis “hello Hollis” he said “hi Lucy, what are you doing here?” Hollis asked, “I was just asking for some help from my dear friend Severus” he said. Hollis glared at him “help with what?” Hollis asked “nothing” Snape said, Hollis rolled her eyes “hey Lucy, can I talk to you for a minute” Hollis asked “of course my dear” Lucius said, Snape looked suspiciously at Lucius as he and Hollis left the room.

                Hollis and Lucius walked out into the hallway “what did you want him to help you with?” Hollis asked, Lucius smiled “nothing” he said. Hollis frowned “just tell me” Hollis said “I can’t” Lucius replied, Hollis punched him in the chest “tell me” she said, Lucius put his hands around her hips “get off” Hollis said. Lucius didn’t move his hands “come on Hollis, you know you want me” he said, he pulled her body closer “Lucius, I love Severus” Hollis said, Lucius kissed her and she didn’t stop him. “Hollis” Hollis turned around, it was Lupin “Remus” Hollis said, Lupin stood awkwardly in front of her and Lucius “Lupin” Lucius said “Hollis, Malfoy” Remus said. Hollis was paralyzed “listen Remus, this is nothing okay, you saw nothing because there was nothing to see” Hollis said “right” Lupin said, Lucius looked smug “well I must be going, good bye Hollis, wolf” Lucius said. Hollis and Remus stared at each other “can we talk in your office” Hollis asked “yes” Remus said, Hollis and Remus walked up to his office and sat down. “Tea?” Lupin asked “yes please” Hollis replied, Remus passed Hollis her tea “so” he said, Hollis looked at her feet in shame “listen Remus, this was a onetime thing and he kissed me and I love Severus and I am pregnant” Hollis said. Hollis opened her eyes wide “forget I told you that “Hollis said, Lupin smiled “congratulations, and don’t worry, I won’t tell as long as you promise never to do it again” he said “I promise, and don’t tell anyone I am pregnant, let them think I am fat” Hollis replied.


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