Hollis Black

Hollis has a busy path ahead of her, with the break out of her cousin Sirius, and her own personal affairs how will she cope?


11. Chapter 10

                Hollis slowly rolled out of bed and groaned, she was not looking forward to the day she had ahead of her “Holly” Sirius yelled from outside of her bedroom. Hollis rolled her eyes “what” she yelled “it’s 9:30” he said, they had plans to leave at 10, Hollis reluctantly got dressed and joined the boys in the kitchen for breakfast “I am impressed” Hollis said “I didn’t hear you two bickering this morning” she continued “good job gentlemen”. Sirius glared at Snape “well I wasn’t bickering but Mr. Cranky pants over here would not shut up” Sirius said, Snape took a sip of his coffee “your idiot cousin is a liar as well as an immature little prat” Snape said. Hollis threw her hands in the air “idiots” she said, she waved her wand and a piece of toast flew into her hand, there was a knock at the door “it’s me” said a voice from behind it. Sirius bounced over to the door and swung it open “Mooney, you’re here, let’s go” Sirius said “potion” Lupin said. Hollis signaled Snape to go and get the potion, a minute later Snape walked in carrying a flask of what looked like mud, he handed it to Sirius. Sirius lifted the cup up to drink “the hair moron” Hollis said “right” Sirius replied, Hollis walked over and placed a bright orange hair into the potion, Sirius frowned and then drank it. Seconds later Sirius looked exactly like Charlie “it tasted like honey” Sirius said “yes, he is very sweet” Hollis laughed “well let’s be off” Snape said.

                Hollis, Lupin, Snape and Sirius\Charlie apperated outside of the leaky cauldron, Sirius was looking around with a large smile on his face “I never realised how much I loved this place” he said. Hollis sighed, she knew it would be seconds before Sirius went into hyper mode, Sirius bounced from shop to shop “and then he threw up over here, it was hilarious” he said. Snape rolled his eyes “let’s get your wand so you can go back to the castle” Snape said, Hollis laughed a little “come on Sirius, let’s go, you two don’t need to come with us, it would be a weird group” Hollis said. The boys pondered it “I don’t see how me, Charlie, you and you would ever be in a group together, it would just look suspicious” Hollis said “right” Lupin agreed “I will be in Flourish and Blotts if anyone cares” Snape said. Hollis dragged Sirius into Olivanders “hi Mr. Olivander” Hollis said “Good morning Miss. Black, Mr. Weasley” Olivander replied “what can I do for you today” he asked. Hollis smiled “Charlie here had broken his wand and needs a new one” she said “right” Olivander said, Olivander walked over to one of the shelves and pulled out a few boxes, he brought the boxes over and put them on the counter. He opened one of the boxes, inside was a beautiful oak wand “try this one” Olivander said, Sirius picked up the wand and waved it around, a few boxes went flying off the shelf “not that one” Olivander said. He put the wand back in the box and put it on the floor, he opened another box, Sirius took the wand out of the box and waved it around. It was a perfect match   “Cedar, nine inches, dragon heartstring, 6 galleons” Olivander said, Hollis handed Olivander the money “thank you” she said.

                Sirius and Hollis met Lupin in the leaky cauldron “okay well see you back at the castle” Hollis said, as she walked out of the leaky cauldron to go find Snape. Snape was exactly where he said he was going to be “well, how did it go” Snape asked “well he found the right wand on the second try which was pretty lucky, it took me twelve wands before I got the right one” Hollis said “twelve?” Snape said, Hollis laughed “yep, mum got really mad at Olivander” she said. Hollis walked around the book shop next to Snape “what is your wand?” Hollis asked “Elm, Dragon Heartstring, 12 inches, and what about yours?” he said “Ash, Kelpie hair, 10 ¾ inches” Hollis answered. Hollis continued to walk around, occasionally pulling books off the shelves to look at them “I haven’t met anyone else with a Kelpie hair core” she said as she skimmed through a book about the American wizarding revolution “me neither but then again I don’t usually go asking people what kind of wand they have” Snape said. Hollis shrugged “yeah, I guess me neither” she said as she put the book back on the shelf and grabbed another one, this one was about the differences between fairies and pixies “I’ve met a fairy you know” she said. Snape was leafing through a book about potions “really” he said “yes, it was when I went to Germany, her name was Regina, she had dark red wings and dark red eyes, it was incredible” Hollis said. Hollis ended up buying five books, one about fairies and pixies, one about Kelpies, one about rare potions, one about the history of Asian wizardry, and one about Quidditch injuries, Snape bought two books, both about potions “you are so boring” Hollis joked “thank you” Snape replied

                Hollis and Snape walked through diagon alley “when I was a kid I used to love coming here with Sirius, Bella was always a pain when we went here. She said that diagon alley was a stupid place, and that knockturn alley was better” she said, even when Hollis was a diehard death eater she hated going to knockturn alley. Hollis stopped “let’s go get ice cream” Hollis suggested “very well” Snape said, Hollis and Snape got a table at the back of Fortescues, Hollis got a dream flavored ice cream cone, and Snape got a butter scotch flavored one. Dream tasted like winter, it changed from mint to cinnamon, to cranberry, it was Hollis’ favorite “see even your taste in ice cream is boring” Hollis said. Snape rolled his eyes “I can be quite fun when I try” he said, Hollis laughed “I am a fun person” he said “of course you are” Hollis said sarcastically. Snape put his hands on his hips “I can be fun” he said “Severus, you’re just not a fun guy, but I like you for that” she said “okay well let’s have fun then” he said, Hollis laughed “so you would throw a party” Hollis said “yes” he replied. Hollis hugged his arm “okay well throw a party then” Hollis said “I will” he said, Hollis laughed “you are very fun” she said “now let’s go to that muggle shop, I want a funny book to read”. Hollis and Snape spent an hour in the muggle book shop looking and laughing at what the muggles thought about them and their world “they think vampires sparkle” Snape said, he was reading some book called midnight or something “yeah, and in this book a giant lives on a cloud” she laughed.  

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