Gone Pirate [Hetalia Fanfiction: Pirate!England]

Katerina Lockhart fell in love with Arthur Kirkland, a kind, gentle man in the English navy. After his orders to move to another base, Katerina awaits the day he will come back. Her dreams are shattered when the news arrives: Arthur and his crew are hostages, taken by pirates. Arthur has been pronounced dead. After that day, Katerina's heart froze.

Five years later, she is about to be married to a different man, when she is kidnapped by her supposedly dead lover. What will Katerina do now?

[Rated Yellow Due to the fact that I have no idea what's gonna appear and when.]


3. Taken

      Katerina had been sound asleep when the idiots had awoken her. 

      For pirates, they were rather quiet. At first, when she woke and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, she didn't notice the dark shadows in the corners of her dim room. She had actually woken with a smile, thinking that it was the time from before, when Arthur was alive and she was happy. 

      Then she saw the wedding dress hanging from the top of her wardrobe, and her mind caught up with the present. She sighed and lay back down, staring up at the ceiling and counting the cracks in the almost smooth surface so that she could get back to sleep and think of nothing while she was trying.

     She was breathing softly, almost asleep, when four figures crept up toward her bed. They all leaned in and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed at the time, so all she knew was that she thought she felt someone staring at her. She opened her eyes a moment later, sure that her senses were only playing tricks on her. Her eyes widened at the sight of four, large, grimy pirates. They smirked and stared at her. " 'Ello, love," one of the figures whispered. 

       She was about to scream when a hand that tasted of sweat and dirt covered her mouth. She tried screaming even then, but all that emanated from her was a muffled squeal. The four figures worked soundlessly, picking her up and placing a gag over her mouth to keep her silent. They slipped out the window in minutes, Katerina slung over one of the figure's shoulders as they traversed the city and rushed toward the docks. 

       Katerina somehow managed to get the gag out of her mouth and began to yell when the four figures had reached the docks and were approaching a small row boat. "You bastards! Let me go! Who are you? I don't know who enlisted you but you're in deep trouble once my parents find out that I'm gone!" The people ignored her and began to tiptoe quietly to the row boat, trying to make as little sound as possible.

       Katerina kept talking, far more quietly, as if the group's change in attitude influenced the volume she spoke at. "If you let me go now, I won't say a word about what happen. I'll lie, say that I snuck out, anything! You're looking for trouble you ass-" She was cut off from saying one of her favorite insults when one of the four people carrying her tossed her into the row boat. 

      The group jumped in afterwards, rocking the boat from side to side. Katerina was too stunned to speak for a few moments as they rowed away from the docks. Then, when it sank in that she was leaving her home and her family, possibly forever, a screech of anger left her mouth. "TAKE ME BA-" Again she was cut off, as one of the men in the group had taken up a piece of wood, and smacked her on the back of the head with it. She was unconscious soon after. The man who hit her smirked. "Finally! Some peace an' quiet from tha' stupid girl," the man murmured happily. 

       "Allistor! You idiot!" One of the other men whispered furiously. "Brother's going to murder you!" The red haired man, Allistor, smirked, a lit cigarette dangling from his lips. "Nah, 'e won't. Ya worry too much, Dylan. 'E's our brother. Why would 'e?" Dylan, the youngest of the Kirkland siblings, being seventeen, and the one with light orange hair, sighed. "You're so stupid."

        "Are we almost back yet?" Alfred, a blond haired boy who looked to be about sixteen, said. "I'm really tired, and Arthur's not gonna be happy if we have to sail away from here in the daylight." 

        "That's Captain Arthur, you disrespectful git." The last man, (or rather, woman) on the boat, and the first mate, was Ember, the second eldest of the Kirkland siblings. She was second only after Arthur. "You're all disrespectful gits." Her hair was fiery red and cut as short as any man's on board. The only reason Ember was allowed on board was because she was the Captain's sister. The men, surprisingly enough, accepted her and even looked up to her. This was in part due to her intelligence, as well as her looks. It was a well known fact that Ember would toss any man who attempted to flirt with her overboard or get revenge on them in some other highly unpleasant way. 

        Allistor's smirk grew wider. "Yer 'is sister. I never thought you'd 'ave a crush on 'im." Ember's face turned bright red in embarrassment and fury. "I don't have a crush on him! I just care for him dearly! He's my brother! I practically raised him." Ember grabbed the collar of Allistor's shirt. "And I raised you too, so I can throw you overboard if I so please." Her voice was a deadly whisper.           Allistor chuckled.

        "You wouldn't dare, sissy." 

        Ember growled. "Try me." Allistor shrugged but said no more. He wasn't one to want to go overboard. Alfred watched apprehensively. "Ember..." Ember looked up at Alfred. "Yes, Alfie, dear?" Alfred gulped. "Do...Do you agree with what Arthur made us do to this girl? Take her away from her family and stuff?" Ember sighed and let her features soften. She smiled at Alfred and patted his head gently, albeit with some difficulty. Although Alfred was younger than her, he was taller than her by a few inches. "Not at all, my dear boy. I don't think he should have done this." Ember leaned toward Alfred and whispered quietly, "Truthfully, I'm a little scared of our dear Captain. So it's best not to contradict him." Alfred nodded seriously. 

      "Ship ahead!" Dylan yelled gleefully. The group of pirates all looked up to see the giant ship rising out of the water. Lion Heart was written in elegant handwriting on it's side. The ship itself was rather new and very beautiful. Ember sighed in happiness, glad to be home, or at least, as close to home as she could get. 

      The row boat approached the side of the ship and a cry went out for the row boat to be pulled up. The request was done immediately. Ember, Allistor, Dylan, Katerina and Alfred were all soon on deck. Although it was still dark and the dawn was a long time away, the deck was bustling with activity. The Captain insisted on sailing in the cover of darkness, and so the crew would comply. 

      Ember and Alfred held Katerina against them, bracing her up by holding her beneath her arms. Allistor and Dylan stood idly. Allistor fiddled with his cigarette. Dylan stared intently at his feet. It was not long before a shout arose. 

       "Captain on deck!" The bustling of the crew stopped and everyone stood at attention. Although this was a pirate ship, the Captain ran everything with military-like precision. This was one of the reasons he was one of the most successful pirates as well as one of the most wanted. He walked like he owned the world in the palm of his hand and the world turned on it's axis while he gazed evilly at it. He seemed to think he could crush the world in his palm if he so wished. He smirked at his siblings and his cabin boy. "Well done," He said simply. "Allistor, Dylan. Take her down to the brig." 

        The siblings nodded and took Katerina from Ember and Alfred. Both watched as Allistor and Dylan took the girl below deck. Ember grit her teeth and waited. She had noticed Katerina waking while Arthur had spoke. A scream was heard. "Let me go! You stupid brutes!" Ember squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her jaw. "Why are you doing this, Arthur?" 

        Arthur, who had turned his back on his sister, turned back towards her and glared. "What did you say?" Ember clenched her fists and looked at her brother. "Why?! You're so stupid! I love you, Arthur, but this was a stupid mistake." 

       "Stupid mistake?! I love her, Ember! She wouldn't have accepted me if I didn't do this!" 

       "Then leave her be! She recovered from you, Arthur! She was fine!" Ember seemed about to cry. "She was fine!" Arthur was in her face almost immediately. "How do you know that, Ember?" He spat at her. "How do you know she hasn't been in as much pain as I've been without her?" Ember sighed. "I don't. But this isn't right."   

       Arthur sighed. "It may not be right, but it's what I feel I have to do." Ember growled. Hoarsely, she murmured, "Fine. Hurt her. God knows that you've already done this exact thing to me." Ember stormed off towards her room and slammed the door shut. Arthur screamed in frustration. "Alfred!" The young, blond boy was standing, cowering almost, waiting to be dismissed. "Yes, sir?" Arthur sighed and lowered his voice. "Come with me. I have business to attend to." Alfred nodded and followed his Captain, although he really just wanted to run and hide from him. 

       The crew who had seen the entire event sat motionless and silent for a few moments. Then, they went about their work, as if nothing had occurred in the first place.   

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