Just A Little Bit... (Sex 16+)

So this Movella is practically like any other. Niall of One Direction falls in love with a girl who happens to be Harry's sister. Not Gemma, the other one. The unheard of styles. The unwanted styles. Harry and his whole family hate this sister of his, but will the rest of One Direction? Or is she just an unlucky girl that got caught up in the mess that is One Direction. Feel free to like favourite and comment and I will need characters so if you do that I can put you in :) thanks guys. And enjoy... *drumroll* Just A Little Bit...



He smells like a fresh summer breeze mixed with unicorns and rainbows. JOKES!!! I didn't smell him. But he's not moving. I'm so board. I poked his cheek a few times. NOTHING!!! 'Niall...' I whispered. 'Niall wake up.' I whispered poking his cheek again. Nothing. 'Niall.' I said a tiny bit louder. AGAIN! NOTHING! GRRR IM SO BOARD!!! Wait... I know what I can finally do :D yes. I will. I crept downstairs out of the room and found Harry. 'Do you have duct tape?' I asked. He went into a cupboard and pulled some out. 'Thanks.' I told him. I walked upstairs and went back into Nialls room. Fun... He's still asleep. I grabbed the duct tape. I duct taped his hand to his cheek. And then his foot to my foot. I was just about to tape his face to me stomach when he started to stir. 'Sorry if I woke you.' I told him. He looked really questionable. 'Steph... Why is my hand taped to my cheek... And my foot taped to yours?' He asked. 'Umm... Well I sorta woke up a little while ago and... Like... Got board... And umm...' I started getting really upset because I didn't want him to be angry with me and hurt me like dad would. I started crying slightly just thinking about it. 'Hey hey hey hey.' He kept saying fast. He sat up instantly, ripping the tape bringing our feet together. He rubbed my cheek with his thumb making me calm down instantly. 'Hey, Steph, it's okay. It's pretty funny. I was never angry or upset or anything.' He told me sweetly. 'It just... Thinking you where going to be mad at me made me think about dad getting angry and hitting and raping me and everything.' I admitted quietly. He just hugged me. 'Im sorry. It's really creative. I thought it was really funny. Best prank yet.' He smiled. 'Im just different.' I mumbled. He lifted my chin with his fingers. 'Different?? Or fabulous.' We both just laughed. 'So what have you got on today?' He asked. 'Nothing.' I told him honestly. 'Well, hang out with us guys?' He wondered. I smiled. 'Sounds great.' I smiled.

Sorry for the really short chapters :( not cool I know. I know I havnt done any 16+ scenes yet but if your looking for something saucy every other movella I have made has some pretty intense 16+ scenes. It's getting there sorry guys



Mine is This Is Us!!!

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