Sun's Joy: Academy of Despair

Sixteen students carrying the world's hopes on their shoulders suddenly find themselves in the academy of their dreams. But this hope soon turns to despair as they find there is no way out. Well, unless you count what the strange black and white teddy bear said. But really, who would actually go as far as to kill another? Surely there must be another way out.


1. Prologue

Enhanced Talent Academies. That was what they were known as. Schools that catered only to the exceptional geniuses of the world. They were symbols of the world's hope, built with one goal in mind: to preserve the future. And by focusing on enhancing extraordinary talents displayed by the youth population, they would hopefully breed a new super-generation. One that would set the world free of despair, and send it spiralling into hope. That was the dream shared by the people behind this.


But, they failed to take into account that as always, the slightest traces of despair were interlaced with the rays of hope. By the time the founders of the academy realised this, it would be too late to do anything about it. The students had already been enrolled, and the semester was due to begin in a matter of days. But despair had seeped into the walls of the academies, and none of the students were aware of the suffering that would follow.


One academy in particular, known as Sun's Joy Academy, would experience despair at its worst.


The staff had all been murdered weeks ago. The remnants of the massacre had long been cleaned up. Adjustments had been made to the campus, situated on a remote island in the Pacific. It was ready to accommodate this new school life the students would be experiencing.


But the academy was not desolate; no, there remained one figure within the doors, sitting at a desk, staring over several surveillance screens. They shifted in their seat, and began to laugh as they stared at a file on the desk.




Sun's Joy Academy

Student Roster


Melissa Arthurs – Enhanced Talent Level Novelist

Andrew Cyrus – Enhanced Talent Level Racer

Chelsea Dennis – Enhanced Talent Level Ballerina

Naomi Fenne – Enhanced Talent Level Skater

Charlotte 'Charlie' Grath – Enhanced Talent Level Gardener

Nina Harrison – Enhanced Talent Level Video Game Designer

Shauna Kerzenna – Enhanced Talent Level Toy Maker

Joel Miller – Enhanced Talent Level Lifeguard

Dirk Parker – Enhanced Talent Level Hacker

Ben Raiser – Enhanced Talent Level Abstract Artist

Mark Sanders – Enhanced Talent Level Reporter

John Smith – Enhanced Talent Level Empathic

Marian Tanner – Enhanced Talent Level Lawyer

Wyatt Temple – Enhanced Talent Level Fashion Designer

Ella Walker – Enhanced Talent Level Sound Engineer

Carlos Woods – Enhanced Talent Level Blogger


These were the sixteen names of those who would carry the hopes of the future on their backs. And whilst they were a cut above the rest of society, none of them would come to the academy prepared for what faced them.


It was despair in its purest form.

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