daddy's not gonna be happy !

This story is about Harry Styles sister (he has another sister in this fan fiction) Harry is more like a father than a brother to his sister but he warns her not to fall in love with one of the band members but when she falls for one of the boys harry is cross!


1. introduction to me !

I'm Kate Styles! Yes STYLES I'm Harry's sister I'm 19 and I also work with the band I am their stylist as well as working with them I also live with them because its a lot easier. It's really exiting to be able to work with One Direction but by now its normal I have worked with them for 2 years now! I am very lucky ino that I get to travel the world meet some amazing celebrity's and work with some great people! My brother, Harry,warned me not to fall in love with any of the boys. He said I will just get hurt not because the boys will do anything just because of all of the photo's and I would get the wrong idea ! I love all the boys Liam he is really funny and he gets don't to work but also plays jokes, Niall he is always laughing there's always noise where he is around (in a good way ), Zayn when you first meet him keeps his self to his self he's quite but when you get to know him he comes out of his shell and always playing pranks, Harry well he's my brother so I have a special relationship with him and Louis well he's Louis. The boys are all very down to earth and normal its just like being on a big lads holiday for them.

just to let you know before you read all this you need to read my new one because this is the old one its called harry's not gonna be happy sorry about this guys forgive me



( sorry about the short chapter but its just the introduction !)

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