I Want Crazy (Hunter Hayes)

City girl. Country Boy. Could it ever work?


1. Prologue

~~I couldn't keep this secret buried forever. He would hate me if I told him right before I had to leave. I knew now was the only time to tell him. We had become closer than ever. I never expected myself to get this close to anyone, so it didn't seem to matter until now.

I had less than three months left here. I had to tell him. I sat down in the small coffee shop, we had grown accustom to coming to. It was our favorite place to meet. He wasn't here yet, which made me even more nervous. I sat down in the corner booth, taking in all the scenery of shop. It was definitely more country than I was ever used to. But, after coming here so many times, this place was a place of peace. I heard the cow bell go off as a customer entered the building. I looked up from my seat to see Hunter. I took a deep breath in and held it until he reached the table. He sat down across from me as usual.

"Hey there Sav. What's wrong?" he asked, knowing by the look on my face that something was bothering me.

"I'm moving" I managed to choke out. I had never seen that expression on Hunter's face before; brokenness. I stood up as he did and ran into his familiar arms. My heart broke that very instant. I was leaving my best friend, my rock, my everything. Most importantly, I kept a huge secret from him. I loved him, but I couldn't tell him now. Through the tears that now began to fall, I manage to continue, as I stayed pressed against his chest, my head resting on his shoulder. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. But, I just didn't want to think about leaving you. Leaving this beautiful place. I came here knowing that I wasn't going to be here forever. I took a risk and got to know you and now I don't want to-"

"Sav." He paused cutting me off. "Stop, take a deep breath."

My eyes matched his as I pulled back from the embrace. I did as he said. I took a slow breath in and closed my eyes. Just as I was about to breath out, I felt warm lips pressed against my own. Longing and sadness remain deep within the kiss. As we pulled away my eyes fluttered open. I couldn't believe he had just done that. Everything I wanted to tell him suddenly felt manageable. But, that kiss could change our friendship forever.


*Authors Note: I know this account is a One Direction account but I wanted to try writing about another subject as well. Hunter Hayes my love. So here goes nothing. I hope you will read it and enjoy it even though its not about One Direction

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