Farrah Jones is a good girl. She doesn't drink or swear, and has the appropriate number of sweater in her wardrobe. Farrah believes she's finally left behind her dark past, but when she moves away with to a foster home in Stratford, Ontario she meets her new best friend. Her path to a new beginning is challenged by Stratford Central Secondary School's Walking One-Night Stand.

Justin Bieber, lean, cut, and tattoos, is exactly what Farrah wants- and needs- to avoid. He spends his days as the ultimate high school campus charmer. The moment he saw Farrah he saw something. Something beautiful. Something haunted. Something special. He tricks her into his everyday life, but if he wants to keep her in his life, he must overcome his demons and figure out hers.




         Welcome to your new home, Miss Jones." I was greeted at the door. I cringed a little when she called me Miss Jones. That's my mother's name- well, it was. I didn't want to be like her. I wanted to be Farrah. "Just call me Farrah." I smiled politely. "Alright Farrah. I'm your foster parent. My name in Diane and this is my husband Jon." she introduced herself and her husband. "You can look around if you want." I nodded. "we'll show you your new room." Jon picked up one of my bags and I took the other. She led me up a large marble staircase, and down a hallway. Pictures hung on the walls in the corridor. It wasn't just two of them, but three. She put my bag down in a completely white room.


         "It's plain white, but we decided we'd let you design your room, and decide how it was going to look." Diane put her hand on her husband's chest. Her beautiful diamond ring was on full display. It was different. Well, different from my mother and father. I winced at the thought of them... well the thought of my mother mostly.


         "Allie!" Diane yelled. Blonde hair was all i saw as it scampered pass the bedroom door. The familiar bright hair was seen again, but she came into my room. "Oh, sorry, i didn't know she came." Allie said. "I'm Allie. I'm their kid." she laughed, and nodded towards Diane and Jon's direction. "Well, it was nice meeting you..." she waited for me to say my name. "Farrah."


         "Farrah! It was nice meeting you. I was about to go hang out with my friend. His name is Luke, maybe you'd like to come?" she invited me. She was inviting me. She barely knew me... but she was inviting me to tag along. She seemed pretty cool. I shook my head. "I'm good, but thanks for the invitation." i said, politely.


         "Oh, okay. Maybe next time..?" she looked at me. "or maybe next, next time." she laughed. "Bye Mom, bye Dad," she kissed each one of their cheeks. "I'll see you guys later." She ran off. You could hear the front door shut.


         "Okay, Farrah, we'll let you settle in. I'll be in the kitchen preparing dinner if you need anything." she informed me, and left the room. "Welcome to our family." Jon smiled before leaving, himself. Maybe living with complete strangers, in a new town, and a new last name would give me the peace of mind I've always wanted.


         I was going to keep a low profile here- hopefully. I didn't want to be the center of attention...again.














okay, here is the prologue. I've out the first chapter up for review, and once i know that people are reading this little story i'll put it up with a second chapter following shortly.


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