Sofia's Story- The Half-Blood Prince

Sofia is in her third year at Hogwarts. She knows that she must tread carefully, for now more people know her secret. Also disturbing her is the fact that her best friend is shutting her out, leaving her feeling alone and helpless.


5. Chapter 5

Voldemort summoned Sofia the next Thursday evening while she was finishing some homework. She stood in front of him and a Death Eater. 

"Miss Adema," Voldemort began, "you are to accompany my servants on a mission. You see, now that we are out in the open, we must show that we are strong. We must bring the strongest into our service and kill those who resist it. Your first target it the mother of one of your fellow students. Now be gone."

The Death Eater stepped forward and placed a hand on Sofia's shoulder. He turned on the spot and then they Disapparated. 

They landed in a dark street. It was completely deserted except for the two of them. The Death Eater, who she did not know, turned to her. 

"If she tries to run, you are to stop her. Do not let her get away, understand?"

Sofia stared at him calmly. 

"I don't take orders from you."

The Death Eater drew his wand and placed it against her neck. 

"No, but I report to the Dark Lord. I'd like nothing more to tell him how you defied my orders."

Sofia glared at him for a moment, knowing that he was not bluffing. 

"Fine, but I'll be able to stop her better if I'm not human."

She transformed quickly, not taking her eyes off the Death Eater. He smiled at her. 

"You do make a wonderful pet."

Sofia growled at him, low and fierce. He turned away from her. 

"Let's go."

He walked through the street, which was lined on either side by houses, until he reached the end. A single house stood alone, slightly apart from the rest. A few lights shone brightly from windows, shining through the dark like beacons of hope. 

The Death Eater walked up in front of the door. He raised his wand and the door exploded. He motioned for Sofia to go in first. 

She trotted up the steps and through the door. Her wolf ears could hear someone scrambling around inside. She followed the noises through the house, until suddenly the house went dark. 

It did not take long for Sofia's wolf eyes to adjust. She could see just as well through the house when it was dark as when it was light. 

A flash caught Sofia's eye. She lunged at the movement, her paws knocking someone backwards. She heard a shriek as the person hit the back wall. There were flashes around Sofia as the person raised their wand to defend themselves. 

Sofia lunged at the person's outstretched arm, aiming for the wand, but the person ducked just in time. Sofia landed across the room, crouching low as she surveyed the person across from her. 

"So," a woman said, "this is You-Know-Who's knew servant?  You shall not kill me without a fight."

A blast of red shot from the wand and Sofia jumped easily out of the way. 

"She won't kill you," Sofia heard the Death Eater say behind her. "I will."

There was a flash of green, which the woman dodged. She ran from the room, and Sofia bounded after her. 

The woman was headed down a hallway, running towards a door at the end. Sofia caught her easily, knocking her to the ground. The witch raised her wand and Sofia was flown up into the ceiling. 

As she fell back down she landed gracefully on all four paws. Another flash of light flew from behind her, nearly hitting the woman on the ground. 

The woman flicked her wand, and Sofia was thrown backwards. She felt herself hit the Death Eater behind her, who was sandwiched against the wall. There was a crack, and Sofia looked up. 

A large glass chandelier was falling towards them. Sofia lunged out of the way, as did the Death Eater. As it hit the ground, glass shattered everywhere, spraying them both. 

Sofia looked up and saw that the witch had reached the door at the end of the hall. She sprinted after her, ignoring the shards of glass that tore up her paws. 

The door closed, both Sofia hit it hard and it flew open. The witch was standing against a wall, her wand raised towards Sofia. 

"L-leave me" the woman stuttered, fear plastered on her face. 

Sofia lunged at the wand. She dodged sideways as the witch aimed a curse at her, then jumped again and knocked away the witches wand before she could cast again. 

"Very good."

The Death Eater had entered the room behind Sofia. 

"We'll make quick work of this." 

He raised his wand and there was a flash of green. The witch fell to the ground and did not move again. 

"Come," the Death Eater ordered. 

He led Sofia back outside. He pointed his wand into the sky and shouted "MORSMORDE!"

A sliver of green burst from his wand and shot into the sky. A skull formed in the dark night, a serpent tongue escaping its mouth. 

The Death Eater leaned down and placed a hand on Sofia's white, furry shoulder. They Disapparated. 

Sofia did not transform as she stood in front of Voldemort. The dark wizard looked his two servants over. 

"What happened to you?" He asked the Death Eater. 

"Stupid witch tried to drop a chandelier on us," he growled. "She did her job well though," he muttered, jabbing a hand at Sofia. 

Voldemort smiled. 

"Good. She will be very useful in these missions."


When Sofia woke up the ext morning, her hands and feet were covered blood. There were scratches everywhere, and possibly a few shards of glass embedded in her soft skin. There was a long cut along her cheek. 

She knew that if she went to class looking like this, there would be questions. She skipped breakfast to spend the morning prying the glass from her hands and feet and healing the minor cuts. There was one deep one on the palm of her hand that would not completely disappear, but at least it had stopped bleeding. 

Sofia's first classes went without incident. She managed to hide her injured hand from everyone. At lunch, she found Luke in the Great Hall. He looked mortified. 

"What's wrong?" She asked him. 

"Do you know Hannah Abbott? She's a Hufflepuff a year older than me."

Sofia nodded. She had seen the girl a few times before. 

"Her mother was killed last night by a Death Eater."

Sofia felt her heart beating fast. Her knees were shaking, and she felt them about to give way beneath her. She rand from the Great Hall, sprinting fast until she bursted into the girls bathroom where she collapsed on the floor. 

She had helped killed her fellow students mother. Had it not been for her, Mrs. Abbott might have been able to escape. She might still be alive.

She nearly threw up, completely losing all self control as she began to sob violently on the floor. 

She didn't want to live anymore. She didn't want to be used like this. She would rather die than be the reason that other people died. She couldn't live like this. 

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