Our Mural

17 year old Jamie has no friends and has walked alone most of his life. But he meets 2 other guys Carson, and Taylor, who change almost everything about him!


2. Carson

When lunch time did come, I went to the canteen and got my lunch and started to go to my same table, alone. I noticed that there was somebody sitting in my usual spot. He had dark hair and he wore glasses. Id never seen him before so I assumed he was a new kid he looked like he was in my grade around my age, so I decided to join him. Maybe he could be a new friend. I walked slowly over to him, and sat down across from him. He looked up at me as I sat down. I flashed a quick smile and he quickly looked back down.

“I’m Jamie” I said with a little smile. He didn't look up this time. “What’s yours?” I asked looking at him a bit closer.

“I’m Carson..” He said with his face still down.

“Are you new here?” I asked. He simply nodded and kept his head down.

I was kind of getting tired of trying to talk to him so I just sat and ate, minding my own business. I pulled my drawings out and started to draw again, I continued my drawing of a dragon that I had been working on for about a week now for art class. I felt my paper moving around so I looked up and saw Carson pulling my drawing closer to him to get a better look, I smiled because he seemed to like them.

“Are you in art class?” he asked me, actually loud enough to hear over the other people talking. I nodded and gave him a smile.

“I signed up, I am too” He told me. The lunch bell rang signaling it was time for my favorite time of the day. Art. “D-do you want to walk with me?” he asked shyly. I gave him a huge smile and we began making our way to the art room. We walked in and he sat down right next to me and moved his chair closer to mine. Mrs. Johnson clapped her hands trying to get the classes attention.

“Okay everyone!” Mrs. Johnson, The art teacher, said. “This week we’re doing partner projects, I want the two of you to draw a model of a Mural, your Mural must represent something that inspires you. And the drawing voted best will take the empty spot on the wall in the entrance to our school!” she said excitedly. I looked around the room trying to seek out a partner. Until Carson nudged me in the side. “Do you want to be my partner?” he whispered to me. I said yes of course and smiled.

Mrs. Johnson gave us time to work on our Mural design in class. We sat there for about 5 minutes brainstorming, But nothing really came to us. A while of sitting in silence went by, until Carson decided to speak up. "So, what are somethings that inspire you?" he asked. "Uh, I don't know really... I love my little sister, I call her my baby starfish!" I told him. He chuckled and I punched him lightly  in the arm.

"Baby starfish?" he asked still laughing. "Whats that supposed to mean?" He asked. "Well, I call her that because she has probably the strongest grips on you when she hugs!" I told him. He laughed some more and the bell rang soon after. The end of the day came faster than I thought it would. I was making my way to my car when I was stopped, by being pulled by the arm. I turned around to see who had grabbed my arm, and I found Carson there. I gave him a weird look signaling for him to let go of my arm. And he did.

"Hey, Sorry, I was just going to ask you if you wanted to come over and work on our Mural design today.." He said as his voice started to sound more shy as he spoke. "Oh, Sure sounds cool" I said with a smile. "We'll have to take the bus though.. I don't have a car" he told me. "I have a car! I'll drive us!" I said. He smiled in agreement and we made our way to my car. We got in and he turned on the radio, which made me uncomfortable but I tried to ignore it. He pointed his way to his house and we arrived in less than 10 minutes. We got out and we went into his room, he said his parents weren't home.

"This is my room" he said falling back onto his bed. I chuckled at him. "Nice.." I took off my backpack and got out all my art designs to show him. With both sat on the floor and talked about what we should paint. 

"I like this one" He said moving close enough to me that we were toughing. He showed me my drawing of my little sister, that I drew about a year ago. I took it out of his hand and looked at the drawing. "Yeah I do too." I said. 

I turned back to him, and before I could even comprehend what was happening, His soft pink lips were pressed against mine. 

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