Senara Lestrange is going to Hogwarts. Everyone is shocked when they find out who she is. After all, no one knew Bellatrix had a daughter, let alone a grand-daughter.
Pairings: James (junior)/Senara


4. Chapter 4

Senara was woken up by a feeling of someone shaking her. It was Taryn.

“Hi Tary!! Are the others up yet. It seems a little early to be awake." Senara said.

Taryn replied: 

"Well, breakfast will be ready in half an hour and I thought I could help show you around the castle or yeah... You know, stuff like that. Or would you rather James show you around?" Taryn said, winking. "And by the way I don't think any of the others will be getting up soon. I'm the only early-riser, well, now we are the only early-risers but anyway."

Senara stayed quiet, blushing like crazy.

"You want James to show you around don't you?" Taryn teased. "He probably will anyways, since he's one of the prefects."

Senara nodded, still embarrassed. 

They chatted about school until the others got up, then got changed and headed down to breakfast. Just as they walked into the common room, James walked over.

"Hey Senara! Professor McGonnagall asked me to show you around the school. I have a note to skip classes." James said to her.

"Lucky you, Senara! You don't have to go to class." Bianca said. Willow patted her on the back.

"Okay." Senara said to James, ignoring the knowing smile the rest of the girls sent her way.

The two of them walked out of the portrait hole, James leading the way.

"Be careful on the staircases. They always move so you have to be pretty fast if you want to get to your destination on time." James told her while they were walking. She nodded. "Professor McGonnagall is the Headmistress, as you probably already know, and she also teaches transfiguration. Professor Malfoy, the father of Scorpius, is the potions professor. Professor Longbottom, he is Aurora's dad by the way, teaches herbology. Professor Flitwick teaches charms, Professor Bulstrode is the care of magical creatures teacher. The Quidditch instructor is Katie Bell, former chaser for the Harpies, an only female Quidditch team. There is a new Defense against the Dark Arts professor, but nobody knows who it is since the professor wasn't there at the feast."


It was time for their second lesson now. It was DADA. James was exited to know who the new professor was going to be. Senara was laughing at his enthusiasm to find out who the new teacher was. 

When they walked into the DADA classroom, they saw the professor writing different spells and their uses on the chalkboard. The other students where all seated already, so James dragged Senara over to the only available table and sat down. 

The professor's back was to them, but Senara could see that he was wearing glasses. Their professor turned. Wait, was that...HARRY POTTER! Merlin, Harry Potter was teaching them DADA! 

Professor Potter introduced himself, even if it was obviously not needed. He then gave a lesson about simple blocks. It was rather interesting to have the boy-who-lived teaching you. 


As they walked out of the classroom, Senara asked James:

''Did you know that your father was going to be the Defense professor?" 

James shook his head, looking slightly dazed. Then his eyes widened in horror.

"Is everything all right?" Senara questioned.

"I just realized something." James said. "If I do something, he will know! My father is a teacher, so he could also just give me extra homework. Oh the horror!"

Senara and James looked at each other. Then they both burst out laughing. Still smiling merrily, they walked together to their next class, discussing the pros and cons of having your parent as a teacher.

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