Justin Bieber Imagines

All imagines for the beautiful fans out there, requests are aloud.


3. Secrets & Lies.





Your POV;




"Your being overdramatic now Y/N!" Justin shouted, running his hands through his hair as he stared at you while shaking his head. "She messaged me saying all this crap about how she still loved me and I told her to back off because I am with you!"




!Then why does the message say that she can't wait to see you again so you can continue where you left off?" You shrieked, throwing his phone back at him. Silence took over the room as the phone smashed onto the floor, the tension building up more than it already was.  "I'm sick of this Justin. It's all the time now with you, it's just lie after lie every single day. I feel like I don't even know you anymore. What happened to the old you?" You asked with your voice turning soft, tucking your hair behind your ear.




Leaning against the wall Justin sighed and shook his head, looking at you with worn out eyes. "The old me? I never changed, I grew up. I make mistakes just like everyone else in this world and that includes you." He stated, crossing his arms over his chest. "Yeah well I don't lie about seeing my ex." You mumbled but he still heard it.  "For fuck's sake Y/N, what do you want from me? Because whatever I do never seems good enough for you anymore! I don't know what you want!" He roared, slamming his fist into the wall. 




"Justin..I think we break up. Or take a break for a while." You whispered, making his body tense up and freeze. Taking a deep breath he turned around to face you, hurt and confusion taking over his emotions. "Y..your leaving me?" He whispered, his voice gentle. "I just think it will be better for us if we have some time apart..I think we both need it. We need to think what's best for the both of us." You explained quietly, tears filling your eyes as you watched his face drop.




"No..no please. Baby we can work through this! Just like we do with every other problem that hits us. Just please don't leave me like everyone else has." He begged, the desperation shown in his voice as he strides over to where you stood before he cups your cheek, his own tears falling. Staring into his eyes you took a deep breath and leaned your forehead against his, gripping his shirt in your hands tightly. "Promise me. Promise me we will be fine." You whispered as your lips brushed against his. 




"I promise, I promise we can get through all this shit and be fine. I promise to love you forever and I won't keep anything from you anymore. I promise to take you on dates to your favourite restraunt every night and show you how much I love you. I do never want to loose you because your my soulmate. Your mine." He whispered back as he placed his hand on the back of your neck, pulling your lips to his. Gasping at his actions he shoved his tongue into your mouth, exploring it as you soon began to kiss back. 




Wrapping your arms around his neck you jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist while kissing him back with all the passion you had. Feeling your lungs burn you pulled away breathless and stared into his eyes, stroking his cheek. "Okay. But this is your last chance Justin. Then I'm gone." You warned, watching as he nodded quickly and smiled slightly, pulling your body closer to his. "I know baby, I love you." He whispered as he placed his lips back on yours.







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