From Hatred To Love

Academy.. fuck it! I hate school but academy is by far the worst thing in the world. I was in S4 and I was anorexic, that's where I got my nickname Anna-rexic - of course I was called Anna! being anorexic wasn't fun This gave every bully the opportunity to bully me and make me feel like shit. I hated this idiot at school but when he and I were paired up in class to do a project I guess something changed.....


16. WHY WHY????!!!!!!!


 Zayn's POV:

she was fucking me. finally but she started to grow tired , her lips were saggy and her touch was unpleasureable. As she was sucking and rubbing me I reached under my pillow and took out a whip. I started to thrash her with it and she began to do it better. she was so hot. She was so sexy and I felt so fucking good that I didn't even question if her back hurt from the whip here I saw blood dripping.

Anna's POV: the drug effects wore off after a while and I immediately screamed as my back got a sharp sting. I turned to see Zayn whipping me but I turned too far and got a hit right across the face. my lip burst and my nose bled. I got up, texted Niall to quickly get to Zayn's house then I turned and looked into Zayn's gorgeous brown puppy dog eyes and said with a hurtful heart; " WE are through!" I stormed out and saw Niall's car coming so I jumped in, not caring that I had nearly no clothes on. Niall smiled when he saw me, granted he was mainly staring at my showing boobs - I didn't care! I smacked his face gently and he drove away, he began to question my bloody back - I just started to cry.

Zayn's POV:

" We are through!" that was her last words - no, SHE FUCKING WASNT GOING TO MOVE ON! she was my whore, my bitch, my girl, my angel.... my princess - shit shit shit! WHAT DID I FUCKING DO?!


Niall's POV:

I drove her to my house. My parents are doing this around  the world trip - they are gone for 9 months - you cant stay in their room.She smiled and hugged my neck. I felt her warm breathe and loved her gentle touch but I couldn't stop thinking about before...

Anna's POV:

 we got to Niall's, I crept into his parents room and he went to his. I couldn't sleep so I knocked on his bedroom door.

" Come in" his voice was low, husky and sexy.

" I...I cant sleep " I mumbled.

! Come over here" his smile was warming andi jumped into bed next to him, he was only in his boxers. he was watching youtube. He was watching 'How To Get The Girl'

I laughed, " So who is this girl?" I beamed, innocently.

" She is someone I love, I want to  kiss her, to touch her, but I must wait until she is ready!" he said. my heart stopped. I sat in silence then rested my head on his muscular chest then as I slowly fell asleep, I felt a pair of lips  suck behind my neck. I enjoyed it so much. I felt my phone suddenly vibrate........ it was Zayn.



A/N sorry I haven't typed much - ITS MY BIRTHDAY YAAAAY! ^-^

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