From Hatred To Love

Academy.. fuck it! I hate school but academy is by far the worst thing in the world. I was in S4 and I was anorexic, that's where I got my nickname Anna-rexic - of course I was called Anna! being anorexic wasn't fun This gave every bully the opportunity to bully me and make me feel like shit. I hated this idiot at school but when he and I were paired up in class to do a project I guess something changed.....


8. staying the night



   Anna's POV:

I couldn't believe that I was in Zayn's bed! I lay down exhausted and then Zayn left to get a drink, I took my opportunity to text my granddad to tell him I was sleeping over at my friends house. he texted back saying that it was fine. Zayn came back in half awake, he lay down on the bed so I sat on his warm back and started to rub my hands p and down his back. it got pretty late.

" Zayn baby" I began.

" Yes my angel?"

" I don't have any pyjamas or clean clothes for tonight and tomorrow."

" I don't mind if you wanna sleep naked.. I will sleep on the floor"

" awe Zayn you don't have to..."

" I don't mind" Zayn finished as he lay on the ground I stripped until I was completely nude. i quickly jump under the warm covers and started to sleep.

I woke up to a heated body against my bare back. it was Zayn! He began another hickey, it felt good. His hands moved up to my waist then before i could stop him - he grabbed my breasts. i liked the feeling but at the same time hated it.

" Zayn baby, don't touch me there!" i told him,

" i will touch you anyway i please because you are MINE!" he whispered and started kissing my shoulder blades.

" I jumped out of bed and looked confused as Zayn said " Damn girl you have sexy body!"

i had completely forgotten that i was naked so i shoved on my pants and one of Zayn's tops.

I walked downstairs and slept on the sofa.


Zayn's POV:


 I woke up the next morning and went downstairs, i sat and stared at Anna on the sofa. She was fucking beautiful! i made a cup of coffee at woke her up.

" oh thanks baby " she smiled.

" no problem" i replied.

after she had finished the last of her coffee she turned and said " Zayn can i go have a shower?"

" of course" i laughed, directing her to the shower. i listen to her undress, turn on the shower and walk in. she sang in the shower, singing ' Perfect Two' she was fucking amazing! i notice she hadn't locked the door so i.........opened it...

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