Arise {1D Vampire Fan-Fic}

Emma Rose is a 17 year old who was always dreaming of being free ever since she was 5. Her parents of course never approved until one day, she just lost it. After high school she expected parties, clubs, etc with her best friend, Halliey Hunter. Her parents disagreed, they picked out GMU for her, of course she went along with Halliey but when she follows a light that leads her to the forest.. the darkness comes.
Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson are best mates, they fight side by side and are one of the strongest of the forest, but when they meet two special girls, will they become the weakest of the forest?


8. Two Birds in a Wooden Cage

Emma's POV

I sat in the cage, it was in the tiny living room,  I guess the sun was rising and night was falling. I didn't mind one bit being in this cage. I just missed my old life. I heard footsteps, I was hoping it was Halliey but it was Harry. I turned away, far from the wooden cage.

"Are you hungry?" 

He was holding the wooden bars. I ignored him.

"You can trust me."

"I'm not a bird." 

"I know you're not but you seem shy."

"I am not shy!" I scoffed.

"Then why are you far over there?"

"Why am I not? I don't want to even look at you, you'll just hypnotize me."


I couldn't trust him. He walked away. A few seconds later he came out with Louis. Louis was holding a duct tape and a wooden bar, Harry was holding onto one bar and pulled it out and sat down next to me, I turned my back next to him and realized that Louis was attaching on another bar. I scooted to the corner, laid down and fell asleep. When I woke up the clock on the kitchen table said it was 10:12AM. Harry was nowhere to be seen. Then, I realized something.. I got up, his legs were my pillow.



"What do you want?"

"I want to protect you."

"I can protect myself."

"I know what you want."

I stared at him.


"You want to have fun."

"And I can't do that with you trapping me."

"We can have our own fun."

I smiled at his sentence.

Harry's POV

"That's great." She said. 

Finally, I got her to smile.

"I'll get you out of here."

"No need." I was confused, then she got up and scooted between the bars."I'll help YOU now." Emma broke the wooden bars. Then walked away.

"I'm not fat you know." And she disappeared into Halliey's room I'm guessing.

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