Arise {1D Vampire Fan-Fic}

Emma Rose is a 17 year old who was always dreaming of being free ever since she was 5. Her parents of course never approved until one day, she just lost it. After high school she expected parties, clubs, etc with her best friend, Halliey Hunter. Her parents disagreed, they picked out GMU for her, of course she went along with Halliey but when she follows a light that leads her to the forest.. the darkness comes.
Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson are best mates, they fight side by side and are one of the strongest of the forest, but when they meet two special girls, will they become the weakest of the forest?


5. The Tiny Tiny Cabin

Halliey's POV

"Niall the no-faced took over our tunnel, do you by any chance--"

"Yes I do." He answered Louis. Niall started walking, then running, Louis held my hand and followed. It was a snowy place, and a small cabin. I walked in, there was a small kitchen and a small living room with two small chairs and one large one. I felt so cold, if I'd known I would've been kidnapped by vampires, I would have worn garlic and jeans. I was wearing a purple and white tube top with shorts and Emma was wearing blue and white tube top with shorts and grey leggings. I feel bad for her. Even though she's warmer, well, Harry's holding her tightly. That guy is weird. I looked at the clock, it was 5:58PM. I groaned, I attacked the small coach and Emma sat next to me.

"We'll get out." I whispered so she felt better. She laid down next to me.



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