Forever and Always

Allie Anderson. 18. Lives a normal life. Goes on vacation with her family to North Carolina. Meets a boy... you can find out the rest when you read the story(: Hope you like it. Put some constructive criticism if you think parts could be better.


2. The Struggle is Real

   Allie's POV:

      I walked to Calculus with Michael.  I saw Drew.  I could picture Drew walking with me to Calculus.  I walk into Mr. David's class, and I see Drew looking out the window at the ocean.  Eastwood High is next to the ocean.  Today Mr. David is not here so we sit where we want.  I sit in front of Drew by the window looking out at the ocean.  

     "It's so beautiful" I say quietly.

     "Isn't it?" Drew asked.

     Oh my god, Drew just talked to me.

     "Um, y-yeah it is" I force myself to say.

     "I don't know if we officially met.  I'm Drew Fisher."

     "I don't think we did.  I'm Allie Anderson."

     "Nice to officially meet you Allie."

     "You too, I think class is about to start."

     Drew seems really nice.  Math seems to drag out forever and ever.  I understand all this;  it's so boring.  I feel like there's two holes burning in my back.  I slightly turn around as see Drew staring at me.  The bell rings. Finally.

    "Hey, wanna go to the beach after school?" Drew asks.

    "Sure, I have to run home to get my bathing suit and wetsuit."

    "You surf too?"

    "Heck yeah.  I love surfing."

    "Well, see you after school then Allie."

    "See you."

Drew's POV:

    I saw Allie walk in with Michael.  He still likes her, but she's into me.  I have a party during the summer and I think I'll take Allie upstairs with me.  Just the thought of of it...  Math seemed to drag on forever.  I think I was staring at Allie too much because she turned around.  I'm so happy that we have surfing in common.  Maybe we can be good friends and then move on from there.  I walk to my next class and then Michael walks up to me saying to back off.  I don't even know what I did.

Michael's POV:

      I was tired of Allie and Drew talking in Calculus.  So after math I decided to take things in my own hands and tell Drew to back off of Allie.  I could tell when he was looking at Allie, he was getting a little excited about a thought he was having.  Maybe I can hang out with Allie after school today. 

     "Hey Allie, wanna hang out after school today?"

     "Sorry Michael, I'm already going to the beach with Drew."

    "Okay, but we have to catch up sometime after school at one of our houses."

    "Yeah, defiantly that would be nice."

    So Allie says yes to Drew and yes to fooling around with me.  She needs to make up her mind.  I swear the term 'The Struggle is Real' really plays a big part in my life right now.

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