He doesnt know about you

Inappropriate language don't read if you don't like language like that


2. secret slipped

Yasmin's ( p.o.v.)

Today's the day they are officially going to meet Valerie. I'm just glad my mum didn't ask me to go pick them up well she left a while ago she should be back soon " mummy " I heard a soft voice say I turned around and saw my bundle of joy which i call my daughter I said " yes sweet heart " she asked " can I have some crayons and a piece of paper so I can draw uncle Louis a picture " I nodded my head I went to our room and grabbed her crayon box and paper I went down stairs and set the crayons and paper on the dining room table I could hear light pattering coming from the stairs she came to the table and said " thank you mummy " I said " anything for you " I kissed her on the forehead. A few minutes later I was sitting in the living room reading a book when I heard Valerie say " mummy, mummy, look what I drawled for uncle Louis " she crawled next to me on the chair and handed me the picture

It was her and Louis holding hands and at the top it said " I luv u uncle Lu luv val " I smiled and hugged her just then the front door opened and in came my mum and the boys. Valerie jumped of the chair and bolted to Louis. Louis dropped his suit case and picked her up he said " hello Princess have you been good for mummy?" She nodded and she handed him the picture she drew Louis scanned the picture then hugged her I got up and went over to them Louis set Valerie down and came up to me and hugged me " I missed you " he said " I missed you too little sis " he released me and Liam asked val " what's your name sweet heart? " oh no she learned to always say her FULL NAME she said " Valerie Rose Payne " everyone's head snapped in my direction but Liam looked back at me then val and he mumbled " oh god " I said " surprise " I grabbed Valerie and bolted to my room.

Liam's (p.o.v.)

I asked the little girl what her name was she replied " Valerie rose Payne " I was completely stunned I knew I remembered her from some where Yasmin I had a one night stand with her now I feel guilty Yasmin grabbed Valerie and ran to I'm guessing her room. Louis looked at me and you could tell his blood was boiling.

Louis's (p.o.v.)

To this point my blood was boiling I was completely raged at what just happened two reasons 1: my sister lied to me 2: it was Liam and he had A ONE NIGHT STAND WITH MY LITTLE SISTER !!!!! I came up to him and screamed " YOU HAD A ONE NIGHT STAND WITH MY LITTLE SISTER !!!!!! " he said " I am so sorry Louis if I would have known that she was your sister I wouldn't have done that and we were completely wasted I am so sorry" I grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him into the wall I said " sorry your sorry Valerie is three years old and now you say your sorry " the rest of the boys were holding me back I calmed down the boys let go of me and I stomped to my room

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