The secret house

What if there was a secret house in Hogwarts,for students who couldn't be placed in Hufflepuff,Slytherin,Ravdnclaw,or Gryffindor??That is a secret between some of the staff and its members?That only the best get in???
Ariana is a regular teen,until she gets excepted into Hogwarts.And when she gets into the special house,she feels amazing!!
But as time goes on,she wishes she never even opened that envelope ........


1. New mail

I walk to the mail box,picking up the mail as I do every Saturday morning.The cold air whips  my hair around.I am excpecting a package;my mom ordered some catalog junk.The mail box opens ,showing its contents.I find the key to the package locker ,but something else catches my eye.All of our letters including the key,were all pushed to the side of the slot.On the one open corner,there is a cream-colored envelope.I read the adress.

    "Ariana Tess" 

And of course my complete adress.I am confused.Nobody sends me mail!Curiousity forces me to run home,tripping over my own feet.

I dump the mail-messenger-bag (AKA grocery bag)on the couch.I rip open the envelope,creating cream confetti.The note is stamped with a neat red stamp thingy,making it look professional."Oooh fancy"I opened it,reading the print

Dear Ariana ,

we would be extremely delighted if you would considerate coming to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.Sorry for the short notice!School starts soon!Sorry about the short note.Go to Platform 9 3/4.Here's your ticket and supply list.Our game-keeper,Hagrid,will help with the shopping .I'm in  a hurry,so

sincerely,Albus Dumbledore

A tidal wave of confusion hits me.Magic exists??I didn't know that!!"Mom O just got excepted to ....Hogwarts??"My mom smiles."It's finally happening!!Now go meet Hagrid at the Platform!!Hurry!!Here are your bags!!"She hands me a large bag of things."You already packed??"Mom blushes."Bye honey!I love you!!Send me an owl!!"I say goodbye.Does she mean E-mail??Now off to the train station that is mentioned in the note.No worries;the place is only a small walk from the house.

"Hello new world!!"

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