I have to babysit daddy's boyband(1D)

My name is Juliet Cowell I am 24 years old. And
yes my father is THE Simon Cowell, big whoop. So
whathe produced One Direction who cares. I
haven't spoken to my father in 6 years since he
told me that I could not become a singer and
actress. He said that he would want be to stay
with him and become his perfect little girl but
that all turned around. When I was 18 I left home
without a note and moved to Vegas. Ever since I
left I started partying a lot and getting drunk at
clubs. I would also gamble; I was really good at it.
I had bought myself a mansion, a Lamborghini,
and 2 Ashton martins; one black and the other
white. When I would go out to clubs at night
sometimes the paparazzi would follow me, I
would answer almost all of their questions and
would tell them about how much of a jerk my
father is to me. I had dated the hottest men
around. David Beckham, Taylor Lautner, Justin
Bieber and many more. I know what you thinking,
your thinking that I get around alot honestly


1. Chapter 1

I woke to a raging headache from last night. I
took an advil and I started thinking about my two
best friends andhow they were doing. My best
friends names are Rachael and Molly. They were
just like me always looking for a good time.
Rachael has dyed short brunette hair with pale
blue eyes and is 23 but tall. Molly has dyed pink
long hair and her eyes are a beautiful hazel and
she is 24 but a little tall. Me on the other hand is
an average height 5'5 with a nice curvy body and
have long blond hair with greeen eyes from my
mom. They were in London right now the same
place as my father. My phone started ringing
and I answered the phone with out looking at the
Caller I.D. Sure enough I was greeted with one of
the loudest greetings from the both of them.
"Hey Julie!!!!!!!!!!!! How are ya girlie???" This was
always how Racheal is with her bubbly
"Would it ever kill you two to ever answer the
phone like normal people?"
"Now Juliet when have you ever known me and
Rachael to be normal people huh?"
"I guess you're right but people do have
hangovers you know."
"See that is you problem right there. You are
always drinking juliet at least me and Molly know
how to handle our liquor. You just go crazy."
"See I love you for you always trying to help me
but this is who I am. I like how you guys try to
help me but right now im living the life."
"Alright me and Rachael will call you later but this
is so not over."
"Love ya bye."
I hung up with that knowing that this was going
to be the longest year of my life.
My phone just started playing More Than This
by One Direction so I knew I had a new text. I
may not be on the best terms but he sure does
know how to pic and choose new upcoming artist
and good music. But I still have no Idea why he
even agreed to Little Mix. That was just way
beyond me. I unlocked my phone and saw that I
had a text from unknown.
Me- Hello who iz this
Unknow- You know who it is
Me- dad what do you want
Simon- darling I want you back home please come
back,  I miss my little girl.
Me- No you crushed my dreams why would I ever
go back to you?
Simon- Because I miss you and love you
Me- Sorry dad that's not enough I am staying
here in Las Vegas
Simon- I thought you would say that which is why
I hire 5 bodyguards to bring you to London
Me- Wait what bodygua....
   But before I could finish my door banged open
and 5 buff men came in taking my suff puting
it back in the suitcase. Two of them tried to grab
me and take me but I was not gonna go without
a fight. It took them about 10 minutes total just
to get me in the car. I was so exhausted with
my lingering headache I just fell into a deep sleep
the rest of the way.

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