Tell Me A Lie

'If I wanted you Niall, then I wouldn't be with him' I lost the hope within my voice and it was barely a whisper now 'I love Harry' I sighed 'Who are you trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?'.


14. Trains.

“Man I’m stuffed” I laughed looking down at the empty boxes of food that was laid out in front of us. “Jesus, you should be you ate more than your half” an Irish accent teased sticking out my tongue I grabbed the empty cartons to throw away. “So what do you want to do know” Niall winked towards me, raising my eyebrows I knew exactly what he was suggesting “Let’s go out, perleasee?” I grabbed his hand and held it between mine, miming someone begging “Out, Like out out?” he quizzed “No Niall, Out like In In” I replied sarcastically tilting my head to the side trying not to laugh “Sarcasm isn’t sexy peanut, besides it’s raining” he replied in disgust “Errr don’t care and um don’t care” I battered my eyelids knowing full well I would get my way.  “Fine where do you suppose we go?” he grinned noticing how happy he just made me “Dunno, let’s get on a random train and get off at a random stop” I smiled beaming “You’re crazy Runner” Niall stated “You only just realised Horan” I raised my eyebrows pulling on my converses and handing him his shoes.

“Okay, I’ll chose the platform, you chose the train and we both chose a stop?” I smiled at the confused look I was receiving for Mr Horan. “How many times have you even done this” He laughed “First time, Platform Five” I shrugged returning him with a laugh. We were stood under the shelter at Waterloo rail station rain dripping from our faces but it wasn’t dimming our mood “Alright” He sniffed “The Portsmouth Harbour train” He finished and I cheered doing a little happy dance “Yeeesss” I smiled earning a weird look from Niall, blushing I laughed “Let’s get off at Portsmouth & Southsea pleaaseeee?” he gave me another weird look as if to say how do you know the stops of by heart, shrugging I announced “My mum used to take me there all the time, it was our little place, it would be nice to show it off to someone else” I frowned at the memory of my mum passing away, she was always my best friend and after she was ripped from me when I was only 15 I had no one else it was awful, I didn’t know who to turn to and refused to get close to anyone else in fear of them being taken as well. I felt Niall’s hand on my shoulder and I immediately smiled wiping away the tears in my eyes.  “Sounds amazing” Niall smiled pulling me in for a hug, obviously feeling my pain.

Taking my hand in his he entwined our fingers, making me blush we climbed aboard the 13:07 train to Portsmouth Harbour from platform five. To anyone we seem like a normal boyfriend and girlfriend and I was happy for that to stay that way for a few hours. It was weird don’t get me wrong I like Niall but I still love Harry.

Harry. Whenever I thought that I had forgotten what he did earlier I was always smacked in the face over and over again by what he did. Arsehole. 

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