Tell Me A Lie

'If I wanted you Niall, then I wouldn't be with him' I lost the hope within my voice and it was barely a whisper now 'I love Harry' I sighed 'Who are you trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?'.


2. The Laughs

I hate shopping, like really hate it. I’m not much of a girly girl but I really need something new to wear. Where to start? New look? Top Shop? I would have ordered something of the internet if I had known sooner. I strolled into Top Shop and kept my head down, the last thing I want is to be recognized. I headed to the section with dresses and immediately saw one that caught my eye; it was black, short with sequins around the top. I stood there admiring it before finding my size “That one will look good on you” A thick Irish accent made me jump I turned around to see Niall leaning against a poll. “Niall!” I squealed before pulling him in for a hug “What are you doing in the woman’s section? Something we don’t know about eh?” I winked at him laughing; he laughed along before replying “Nah, you just have to pass through the woman’s stuff to get to the men’s” He pointed over to the men’s section and I immediately felt stupid but laughed it off.  “Anyway you wearing that one tonight?” he questioned changing the subject which I was thankful of, “Yeah, needed a new one so here I am” I tried to look enthusiastic about it “Well then I suppose you best come help me chose a shirt to wear, cause you’re gonna out dress me and look hot in that” I blushed, if Harry was here he would have hit Niall already, he hates it when guys hit on me it would be worse even coming from one of his band members. “Let’s go then” I replied, ignoring his comment and heading over to the men’s section.

“You can’t wear pink Niall, I refuse to be seen in public with you in that shirt, seriously!” I laughed at what he was wearing, he pulled me in close and announced to the rest of the shop “SHE’S TRYING TO PRETEND SHE DOESN’T KNOW ME, BUT REALLY WE ARE SHOPPING TOGETHER” I struggled out of his hug and he tiggled me making it hard to breathe “Niall stop” “seriously you’re killing me, please” Tears streamed down my face, I couldn’t stop laughing. “Please take that top off” I said giggling and wiping away the tears in my eyes “NOW SHE’S ASKING ME TO STRIP” He laughed digging me in the ribs “Shhhh! You’re going to get us kicked out, try the white one on” it was always this much fun around Niall, sometimes I wish Harry could have his sense of humour, I know I shouldn’t, I just do. He came out of the dressing room, spinning and blowing kisses instantly making me laugh once more “Yeah, that one, can we go now?” I was starting to get bored.  He paid for both my dress and his shirt, I thanked him and offered to carry the bag but he refused “I can give you a lift back if you want?” He dug me in the ribs once more “Well I was going to get the bus but sure thing, thanks” I laughed pushing his hand away “and quit doing that” - wrong thing to say, he repeatedly did it. As we passed by a sofa shop and he put on a posh voice shouting “I WONDER IF THAT SOFA WOULD GO WELL NEXT TO OUR WINE COOLER” I giggled “NO SWEETHEART, WE ALREADY HAVE THAT ONE NEXT TO THE SAUNA IN THE BATHROOM” I played along laughing he was so stupid sometimes but I loved being around him. “To the carrrrr!!” He announced striking the pose of a superhero; I pushed him laughing before walking in the direction on the car park.

Climbing into the land rover, Niall grabbed his shades from a compartment on the ceiling and placed them on his eyes “Oh yeahh. Now we’re ready to roll” He nodded pushing the keys and turning them bringing the car to life. “You are so uncool, how did you even make it into a boy band?” I laughed in hysterics questioning him, “Oh shut it you! you are just sooo jealous” he replied pulling down his glasses and giving me a sarcastic wink “Totally, I mean I so want to be as cool as you Horan, teach me how do you do it?” I pouted giving him a sly grin “I knew it, I guess it just comes naturally babe so you have no hope, sorry not sorry!” He laughed at me pretending to act distraught, before putting the car into gear and pulling out of the car park. 

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