Tell Me A Lie

'If I wanted you Niall, then I wouldn't be with him' I lost the hope within my voice and it was barely a whisper now 'I love Harry' I sighed 'Who are you trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?'.


9. Love Square.

Taking my phone and climbing back into bed I wrapped the duvet around me and clicked onto twitter to see what everyone was up too.

Huge mistake.

My mentions had been blown up by newspapers and Directioners and what had been written made me sick to my core.

@TheSunNewspaper Harry grinds with mystery girl as Lucy leaves with Niall!

@TheSundayMirror WRONG DIRECTION? The Niall, Harry and Lucy love triangle!

@TheStar_News Forget love triangle, It’s a square Niall, Harry, Lucy and mystery girl!

@Directioner4Life That Lucy Runner is a whore! First Harry and now Niall what does she want the whole band haha

@MrsHarryStyles  @LucyRunner Break Harry’s heart and I’ll break your neck okay?!

@OneDirectionInfection Maybe this blonde girl will treat Harry with more respect than Lucy!

I let out a small whimper, and threw my phone at the far wall causing it to smash and shatter into two parts, a loud bang echoed through Niall’s apartment. “What the fuck was tha...” Niall ran through the door and was staring at the phone that was in pieces in front of him. His eyes worked its way up from my phone to where I sat on his bed. Tears streamed down my face making my headache worse. Niall stood there staring at me for a good five minutes until someone thumping on the door interrupted us. “I know you’re in there Lucy” Harry’s deep raspy voice echoed through the apartment, Niall gave me an apologetic look before walking towards the front door. 

As if things couldn’t get worse.

“Where the fuck is she Niall?” Niall’s eyes wondered towards the bedroom where I sat wrapped in the duvet because I was freezing cold. He pushed passed him and entered the bedroom.

 “You slept with him?” Harry spat, tears were still streaming down my face “Do I look like I’ve slept with anyone?” I pointed towards my tear stained cheeks.  “Well I don’t actually fucking know Lucy you’re sat in his bed” I shook my head, not knowing what to say, how dare he; he hasn’t exactly got much to stand on after what happened last night.  “Just hear her out Harry” Niall began but before he could finish Harry was shouting in his face “You shut the fuck up, and you, you start talking” He pointed at me grabbing Niall around the throat. “Harry get off of him” I screamed darting towards him pulling him off of Niall. “I didn’t fucking sleep with him Harry, I came here after you were in the club grinding with six girls right in front of me! I couldn’t stop fucking crying and Niall was decent enough to hold me while I cried all while you were back there with that blonde bimbo.  WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOU AND OUR RELATIONSHIP?” I screamed at Harry, he stood there silent running his hand through his hair and Niall stood in the doorway awkwardly not knowing what to say. “Can we just go home and talk about this” Harry rubbed his hand over his mouth obviously didn’t have anything else to say to me. “Fine” I managed to spit through my teeth.

Grabbing my phone that was in pieces I slipped the heels that I was wearing last night and chucked on one of Niall’s hoodies over my small dress.  Picking up my bag I gave Niall a peck on the cheek thanking him for everything slowly watching Harry seethe with anger by the front door waiting for me. Jerk. 

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