Tell Me A Lie

'If I wanted you Niall, then I wouldn't be with him' I lost the hope within my voice and it was barely a whisper now 'I love Harry' I sighed 'Who are you trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?'.


5. I love Harry.

“Lucy hurry up, we’re all waiting for you!” Harry shouted up the stairs I opened the bedroom door and I heard echoes of laughter travelling through the hallways once again. Breathing in I began to think that this was a really bad idea, especially with what happened earlier. After the incident with Niall I retreated to mine and Harry’s room until he left and then Harry and I curled up on the sofa watching Disney movies. I felt horrible, I should have told Niall that I loved Harry and nothing he said or did could change that. I tried to tell Harry I was unwell but he wasn’t having any of it, said if he had to go out then so did I. Great. Well now I’m here dressed in a short black dress with 4 inched heels on feeling like shit.

Touching up my red lipstick I made a beeline for the stairs “Alright I’m coming, you impatient lot!” I laughed entering the lounge where they were all sat engaging each other in conversation, immediately stopping when I entered staring. “Wow, you look incredible” Liam stated smiling, “You do look great Luce!” Zayn complimented “Yeah who knew you could scrub up this well” Louis teased “Oi watch it you” I winked back. “You look beautiful babe” Harry joined my side kissing my forehead the only one who hadn’t said anything was Niall who just sat in his seat smirking at me. I hate him. “Thank you!” I replied feeling like a million dollars staring around the room I realised empty food wrappers everywhere, soda spilt on the table and chip crumbs on the floor “Alright get out of my house before you all wreck it completely wait in the car I’ll be out in two seconds” Sometimes I felt like I was always mothering them, four lads bundled past me exiting the room the only one that remained there with me was Niall.

 “Did you not hear me?” I barked placing my hands on my hips giving him a devil stare. “You’re hot when you’re angry” Niall smirked his eyes wondering down my body. “What the hell happened to you Niall? You had a lot of things going for you; you’re funny and smart too smart to play games like this with me” I shouted, but not loud enough for the other boys to hear outside. “I know you want me” a small whisper came from his lips as he rose out of his chair slowly walking towards me, it made me laugh with desperation. “Then clearly you aren’t that smart then. I love Harry. Harry LOVES me. We are TOGETHER for a reason” I began to rant loudly “If I wanted you, then I wouldn’t be with him” I lost the hope within my voice and it was barely a whisper now “I love Harry” I sighed once more quietly “Who are you trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?” Niall backfired smugly placing his hand on my cheek, caressing it softly, flinching away I found myself cornered by the wall. “I don’t want you” a tear flooded out of my left eye finding myself pushing Niall away from my body, he was so close to me all I could smell his aftershave  it made me feel sick. Giving up the fight of pushing him back Niall pulled me in, brushing his lips against mine softly, It felt wrong but so right, I pulled him closer to my body pushing harder against his lips until we were full on snogging he ran his hands against my thighs pulling on the hem of my dress. Pulling away Niall looked smug with himself “Yeah, you don’t want me” was all he said biting his lip while wiping the red lipstick of around his mouth.

Fuck. Shit. Fuck. Argh!!.  Niall friking Horan. The type of guy that you’d least expect it to be – the game player and the cheat. He’s not the one cheating Lucy you are, you cheated on Harry with his best friend. “Are you two coming or what?” Zayn shouted from outside sounding annoyed, “Yeh, two seconds I’m just helping Luce clear up” Niall smirked lifting his hand to my face once more wiping the smeared lipstick from my face “All tidy, after you” Niall pointed to the exit looking satisfied with himself. Ergh I hate you. Grabbing my purse, I replied my lipstick and headed out into the cold November night. 

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